Internet Hill Update

1 full spring internet hillThings have been happening on Internet Hill: here is an update.  (You can just make out the big fir tree at the top – an anomaly in this country of pine and spruce.)

A few days ago, the concrete base was poured. ( The following three ph0tos, were taken by John Kerr.)2 form for baseA couple of days later, despite a rare rain, the frame for the tower went up.3 starting tower

4 tower topNow, when I walk on the dunes, I can see it. (Just to the right of the fir.)5 new towerNext stage will be to put up the solar panels and dishes to relay the signal.


2 thoughts on “Internet Hill Update”

  1. We need an Internet hill. When we are up at the cabin, which is much more these days, we only get Internet on the iPhone and it is so expensive that we have to limit ourselves to email and minimal web searches. People up here who want Internet use satellite but we don’t want to go to the expense or trouble. – Margy
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  2. Thank you Chris for this. I so look forward to each new post, this was wonderful, down the long hill, and all the beautiful little flowers. You know, the very first picture I ever took was of natural wild flowers in the woods on a trip with the Girl Guides. Now I live in a downtown Condo and don’t often get out in the woods but enjoy your forays and your pictures. Mother Nature is awesome. You will enjoy your new neighbours and especially watching the children learning about every little thing.

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