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Fred Reid is my co-author in this book.  We both stayed home, despite being ordered to evacuate, in two separate fires on the West Chilcotin, during British Columbia’s devastating 2017 fire season.  The cover picture is of Fred and Monika’s, house on August 3rd, their most frightening day of our 7-week ordeal.  (Despite our relative closeness – only about 100 km apart –  my worst day was August 18th.  It was amazing how the winds differed in their efforts to find their way through the mountains.). This is a very exciting book.

Both Fred and I will be present at many of the slide shows.  I will do some alone, and Fred will also be alone on occasions.  Our presence will be denoted with a C or an F at each venue.

This is how the book tour stands at the moment, but expect more additions as events evolve.

(A note on payment.  We cannot press credit cards – sales must be by cash or cheque.  Thanks.)



Nimpo Lake. 13 September. 5.00:pm.  Slide Show. The Dutchman Restaurant, C  F.

Tatla Lake Farmers’ Market.   15 September.  11.00:am to 2.00:pm. Booth.  Yard between the Graham Inn and the Store.    C

Tatla Lake.   20 September.  7.00:pm.  Slide Show.  Tatla Lake Community Hall, C  F.

Alexis Creek.   21 September.  7.00:pm.  Slide Show. Alexis Creek Community Hall, C  F.

Bella Coola.  27 September.  7.00:pm.  Slide Show.  Hagensborg Legion.  Last Burger Night of the year.  F. 



Williams Lake.  30 September.  6.30:pm.  Slide Show.  Central Cariboo Arts Centre, 90 4th Ave N.  C  F.

1 November. Book Signing.  11.00:am to 1.00:pm. The Open Book. 247, Oliver St.  Contact 250 392 2665.  C.

100 Mile House.  1 October.  6.30:pm. Slide Show.  100 Mile House Library,  449 S. Birch Ave.  Contact 250-395-2332.  C  F.

Cache Creek.  3 October.  5.30:pm.  Slide Show.  Cache Creek Library, 1025 Trans-Canada Hwy.  Contact 250-457-9953. F. 



Revelstoke.  3 October.  12 Noon.  Slide Show.  Revelstoke Regional Library, 605 Campbell Avenue.  Contact 250 837 0012.  C.

Blind Bay.  4 October.  1.30:pm. Slide Show.  South Shuswap Library, 1 – 2425 Golf Course Drive.   Contact 250 675 4818.  C.

Salmon Arm.  5 October.  1.00:pm.  Slide Show.  Salmon Arm Library, 285  –  1151 10 Ave SW.  (Piccadilly Mall).  Contact 250 832 6161.  C F.

Peachland.  8 October.  6.00:pm.  Slide Show. Peachland Regional Library, 40, Peachland Village Mall, 5500 Clements Crescent.  250 767 9111.  C F.

Vernon.  9 October,  7.00:pm.  Slide Show.  Greater Vernon Museum and Archives, 3009 32nd Ave.  $5.00 entry.  Contact 250 550 3142.  C F.

West Kelowna.  10 October.  2.00:pm.  Slide Show. Westbank Library, Westridge Mall, 31 – 2484 Main Street (off Hwy 97 S.).  Contact. 250 768 4369.  C. F.

Kamloops.  13 November. 6:00 to 7:30pm.  Kamloops Regional Library.  100 465 Victoria Street.  Contact 250-372-5145. F.




Union Bay   Cancelled

Courtenay.  15 October, 6.00:pm.  Slide Show.  Courtenay Library, 300 6th Street.  Contact 250 334 3369

Qualicum Beach, 16 October, 2.00:pm.  Slide Show.  Qualicum Beach Library, 660, Primrose Street. Contact 250 752 6121.  C F.

Nanaimo. 17 October, 6.30:pm.  Slide Show.  Nanaimo North Library, 6250 Hammond Bay Road.  Contact 250 933 2665.  C F.

Gabriola Island, 19 October, 2.00:pm.  Slide Show.Gabriola Island Library, 5 – 575 North Road.  Contact 2502477878.  C F.

Campbell River, 21 Oct.  6.00:PM.  Slide Show. Campbell River Library, 1240 Shoppers Row.  Contact 250 287 3655.  C F.





Powell River.  22 October.  7.00:pm.  Slide Show.  Powell River Public Library, Unit 100 – 6975 Alberni Street.  Contact 604 485 4796.  C F.

Roberts Creek.  23 October.  1.30 – 5.30:pm.  Booth.  Community Hall, 1309 Roberts Creek Road.  Contact C.

Sechelt.  24 October, 6.30:pm.  Slide Show.  Sechelt Public Library, 5797 Cowrie Street.  Contact 604 885 3260.  C F.



Squamish.  28 October, 6.30:pm.  Slide Show. Squamish Public Library, 37907 2nd Ave.  Contact 604 892 9376.  C.

Whistler.  29 October, 7.00:pm.  Slide Show.  Whistler Public Library, 4329 Main Street.  Contact 604 935 8435.  C.



New Westminster. 30 October. 6.30:pm.  Slide Show.  New Westminster Library, 716 6th Ave.  Contact 604 527 4678.  C F.

Chilliwack.  1 November.  1.30:pm. Slide Show.  Carmen United Church, 7258 Veddar Road, Chilliwack.  F.


Salmo. 6 November.  7.00:pm.  Slide Show.  Salmo Valley Public Library. 104 – 4th St.  Contact 250-357-2312. F.

Nelson. 7 November.  7.00:pm.  Slide Show.  Nelson Municipal Library.  602 Stanley St. Contact 250-352-6333.  F.


Cranbrook.  12 November.  6.00:pm.  Slide Show.  Cranbrook Public Library, 1212 2nd St North.  Contact 250 426 4063.  F.

















9 thoughts on “Book Tours”

  1. Just want to say again how much John and I enjoyed hearing you speak last night. Your books have always fascinated, but to finally hear you in person telling your stories was amazing. Have been unable to put down the newly purchased book today…a luxury I finally truly appreciate after hearing about what you must accomplish in a day.

    Keep writing – and look after your knees!


  2. Thank you Chris, your book arrived autographed and with a Happy Birthday as well on Oct.3 exactly one month before my birthday. I’ve perused it, read bits and am now into it. Here I am a real ‘people person’ but I love your books and the fact that you are such a loner. I’ve always enjoyed these type of books and have read others from around BC. as well. I guess opposites attract.
    Hope you are enjoying your tour and selling lots.


  3. Hello again Chris,
    I would love to have a copy of your new book. ‘ And The River Still Sings’
    Could you send me the total cost including postage and I will send a cheque.
    If you have a better way for me to purchase the book just let me know.

    All the best on your tour. I have sent notes to a couple of people in Kamloops.

  4. Lonesome Memoirs of a Wilderness Dog was the first book I read. After that I was hooked and have bought and read a number of your books. My family doesn’t always appreciate it when I read one of your books from cover to cover. What can I say some books are hard to put down. Your lifestyle is a dream for many of us, it’s wonderful to read about your courage in turning your dreams into reality.

  5. Hello Chris.
    I just finished reading your book: Wildfire in the wilderness and I could not put it down.
    From 1996 to 2002 I have lived a similar lifestyle but not nearly as difficult as yours since we were much closer to the road and I wasn’t alone. For health reasons we had to move to a place with easier access to a road.
    I am so delighted that you have included 100 Mile House in your Book Tour and I was wondering if you will bring books with you for the public to buy?
    I cannot wait until October, so I am going to buy Lonesome, Memoirs of a wilderness dog now.
    Somewhere in your book:
    Wildfire in the wilderness, you mention that you have a written a book on wildflowers.
    what is the title and can I purchase it?
    Thank you so much for your delightful stories!

  6. Hi Chris,
    So happy to hear you are doing a fall book tour, but sorry you are not coming to the Island.
    Congrats Chris.
    Where can I get your new book?

    I have your books out on loan all the time, you have many fans!

    Did I ever send you a copy of the framed Moose picture we gave our son? He was
    over the moon!!!

    My brother in law is fascinated with your live story and is planning a trip.
    Where would you suggest they stay? Our best thoughts, from Bill and Aileen

  7. Missed meeting you when we were at Tatla Lake in June. Are you interested in fitting in an afternoon with Mill Bay/ Duncan writers and/or readers before your Nanaimo slide show? I could pass on any info to possible organizers at Arbutus Ridge or local libraries.
    I heard you are working on a flower book. I love your photos of the wildflowers in your area. We met Jeanie Fell and were delighted to spot both death camus and spotted coralroot (one of each!) while looking at her garden. She had only good things to say about you, as did Lori King.

  8. New blog looks and certainly does load more easily, (especially for those of us on slow funky internet systems). But I DO miss seeing your beautiful dog’s face watching over the site!

    Wishing you a great summer, with good food growing.

    McBride BC

  9. The Prince George date has dropped off your itinerary, does that mean William’s Lake is the furthest north you will be travelling?
    – Micheline.

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