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  1. Hi Chris
    Let’s celebrate the beaver and be grateful for their contribution to wildfire prevention and symbiotic living.

    Your photos and words are uplifting. Thank you.


  2. Good to see your photographs and words, Chris. Thank you we always enjoy your blog. Welcome to ‘nearly’ Spring. We enjoyed seeing the red wing blackbirds at your feeder. Winter wasn’t difficult here on Central Vancouver Island, and that is scary when we think about Climate Change.

  3. After 13 years of retirement. I realize there is not as much time to read as I had expected. My sister-in law just returned 4 of your books I had loaned her. Welcome to my new world of forgetfulness. Now I begin the journey again in your neck of the woods and look forward to acquiring more of your books as long as my sight remains. I pray you will have a new book coming soon. Thanks to you and Peter Gzowski for hours and years of enjoyment .

  4. Hello Chris,

    my name is Bill Tiede and a number of years ago when I was at the dentist’s office in Williams Lake you had brought Max as he was injured and as soon as you had left I asked the dentist had you been talking about the dog that I could see through the window. I was trying to contact you as I wanted to tell you about Max and myself while he was with me. I keep the book that you sent to me close by and every so often I do read it again. If you get this let me know as I really want to tell you about Max’s time with me as I think that you would be interested in hearing about this.

    Take care Chris and I hope that you are doing well.

    Bill Tiede

  5. Hey Chris, Are you still satisfied with Starlink as far as speed and etc. are concerned? I’m thinking about switching over from my present sat. system. Also are you willing to sell one of your winter paintings to a follower in Illinois, USA? I pay shipping of course. Thanks, Gary

  6. Reading your blogs is as good as hearing them on Morning Side, well , almost, for I can’t reproduce Peter’s voice in my head…

    Moonrise Over Heckitts Pass, Chi 84, hangs now on yet another wall. It is a treasured reminder of time spent in the Bells Coola Valley and adventures of the mountain trails.

    Blessings continue to be with you,

  7. My father passed along your book “diary of a wilderness dweller”. It was a wonderful read and I can’t wait to read some more on your wilderness adventures. What an incredible life you have had. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  8. Ah, Pepta! How lovely you are. Very happy to see you got another dog Chris! Great company.

    Lorraine Campbell

  9. Wilderness Dweller,

    Came across your site while looking for other info. Great site! I would have loved to live as you do.

    In the early 1970s I spent lots of time traveling Highway 20 to Bella Coola. Haven’t been there in 35 years – looks like the road is much improved. It’s hard to think having internet available in the Chilcotin compared to being lucky to find a pay station in Anahim years ago. In the 1970s, Highway 20 bridges in some areas were pretty much planks requiring extreme caution in winter. It was a long, hard drive from Williams Lake on dusty washboard gravel in summer, snow in winter. People thought I was crazy to try the road. In late November were bad snow conditions on the Hill and it took 4 wheel drive to get through. I think I liked the old road better than what looks to be pavement now. The bears and eagles were fantastic. I hope people respect their habitat and let them be. By the way, there’s a great trail along the Chilco River into Chilko Lake where the 1st nation peoples catch and smoke their salmon for the winter. It’s not close to you, but still might make a good story.

    Are your books published or just available online?

    Best of luck,

  10. Hi, Chris,
    We have been following your posts on Fire, with interest. Very hard for us to image back here in NZ, especially as we are in flood mode here, over 800 MLS in 24 hours. Henley township evacuated last night, no power here this morning but all good again now. Christchurch’s turn tonight.
    We had another couple from BC staying here for a car rally January 2016, Craig & Marlene Beddie from Kamloops, been in our thoughts too. So hard for us to picture such wide scale blazes.
    Stay safe. Regards from New Zealand.

    1. Errata–Book should have been titled: Arthritis & Folk Medicine, by Dr D C Jarvis ?

      I was just too tired to get up & read the Title in my cabinet- had just finished

      Ginty’s Ghost.


  11. Chris, I was disappointed every time I went in to see if you had posted anything but I stayed positive that you were well and just busy. It was a joy today to see all the posts for summer 2016. You have been busy but sorry to hear that you had so much rain too. The pictures are wonderful as usual. Good to get some work done on your place, I am mystified about the washing machine–you don’t have an abundance of water, will that be ok? Of course I know you wouldn’t have it if it wasn’t ok. Does it use very little water and do you somehow save and re-use the water that comes out of the machine? Thanks for all the posts and in order too!!

  12. Dear Chris, your book Diary of a Wilderness Dweller is one of my favourites and I’ve featured it in my latest blog and thought I’d share.

  13. Chris,
    I just returned from a 5 day trip to Bella Coola and the FABULOUS CHILCOTIN. I shall return in a few weeks and also in September to catch the colours of autumn. I want to visit you. As I was driving by the Miner Lake turnoff, I though to myself…she’s probably down there somewhere! 🙂 See you soon….

    Some of my recent photos are on my Panoramio pages

  14. Hi Chris,

    I just purchased Common Nuk Tessli Mountain Flowers, and the payment and download worked smoothly. Thanks!


  15. Hello Chris, purchased ebook just now….and saved file in my IBooks on the ipad.
    That way I will be able to enlarge to see detail…..used paypal….
    Thanks for all you do…….

  16. Hello Chris
    I am interested in the property for sale. Is it still available or sold already?

  17. Hi Chris, I’ve followed your blog and purchased your books for many years. On your 2015 schedule you mention Maple Ridge Library for the 18th of Feb. is this Maple Ridge BC? I’d love to attend if it is with my mom.

    thank you!

    Vancouver BC

  18. Chris, I’ve just read your latest post. Solstice will soon be here, I know you will rejoice and I hope the weather will soon be more co-operative.

    Best Wishes for another great year ahead. Toni.

  19. Those last 5 posts were a great walk back to Nuk Tessli and all the meadows, flowers, mountain’s and waters. It all looks wonderful. I’ve read along with all you’ve done all your years here in B C , I had tears in my eyes from the nostalgia. Nuk Tessli looks good. I think Doran is doing a fine job.


  20. Whoa Chris, you are going to be busy here. I too would like your new book, an autographed copy (to go with all the others I have) of course and I don’t mind the mailing cost either. Just the new book I have Lonesome already.

    This blog is working fine for me, I think I like the format and the blinking or whatever you called it when the cursor goes on pictures is gone.

    Keep up the good work. It’s summer now, enjoy.


  21. Dear Chris,
    I have just read your latest book. “Ginty’s Ghost”.
    I couldn’t put it down, I woke up early (5 a.m.) to finish it.
    I have read some of your other books and your experiences
    are something I can relate to somewhat ( as we have property
    up at Sheridan Lake and come up and live pretty well off the
    land for the summer months ) My question to you is ” Would
    you be writing a book about your experiences with the wwoofers
    at all? It most interesting to me that these people volunteer for
    the experience and your just lodge them and feed them, am I right?
    Would love to have you respond.
    Esther Young

  22. Hi Chris:
    I’ve noted you are speaking in both New Westminster and Burnaby this week (Nov 26th) and am wondering if you will have any stops in Surrrey, White Rock or Langley before you head up north once again.

  23. dear chris,

    do you need help with work next year?
    in autumn i have been working on a farm in switzerland in a wild valley close to an every day changing, roaring, wild river, that reminded me of canada although i have never been there.
    i am very inspired by your blog and ready to spend next year some months in canada.
    looking forward to hear from you, thanks!

  24. Hi Chris,
    I heard you will be in Courtenay soon but only see Naniamo on your recent tour. Am I not looking in the right place?

  25. Hi Chris,

    I am the director of the Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation of Canada (check out our website) based in Kimberley.
    I have been looking at several of your photo galleries and my guess is that a conversation with you might provide some terrific insights into wildlife use of whitebark pine. We are always trying to get more people involved in our work. In general whitebark seems quite healthy in the Chilcotin but not so in many other areas. I would love to correspond over email when you have a chance.



  26. Hi, Chris – I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation in Vernon on Thursday evening, purchased ‘Ginty’s Ghost’ and have just now finished reading it. It’s only Sunday!!! Once again, I’ve been captivated and am amazed at what you accomplish. You must be very focussed and organized – and strong!!!! I’m now motivated to do lots more to improve my old farm house and outbuildings while tending to ewes and a couple of miniature donkeys. I live on my own on acreage with all the conveniences – it should be a ‘piece of cake’ – right??? You’re very inspiring. I hope to one day travel into the Chilcotin and points north and when I do, I hope to visit you – after a call ahead, of course. The balance of your books (5) that I haven’t read will be on my Christmas Wish List!
    All the very best in all your future endevors!

  27. Hi there,

    just came upon your website and find your story incredibly inspiring! I’m in Ontario and have become increasingly interested in wilderness survival. A few questions: how did you learn to survive (and prosper) in the wild? Could you perhaps recommend a good guide for me in how to live in the wilderness? I’ve always been fascinated with survival, especially how to survive a rough canadian winter…I think this has been covered in previous posts, but do we order your books from your website?


  28. Hi Chris, I have been wondering how you were and where you were. I saw your new book on BC Ferries (Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo crossing) and picked it up. I’m reading it now. As usual, I’m captivated.
    I tried once to come and see you at Nuk Tessli but decided not to at the last minute. I just checked the site and I see the fellas that have taken it over. I’m certain it will still be a great place to visit, however to be honest you were the draw for me. I admire everything you do and although I’m too busy with work and have been for the last few years (I live and work between North Vancouver and Salt Spring Island) I had always hoped to come up and see you.
    I see your schedule for Vancouver Island in November. I’m adding you to my calendar now. I look forward to finally meeting you.
    Enjoy the winter that has settled in and all the best on your ‘new’ property!


  29. Hello Chris,
    Just finished reading your latest book, got the copy in Bella Coola
    Love finding out the history of the area even though we live in Nelson.
    I am presently in Tatla working with Ruth until the end of this week then back home to Nelson. Thanks again for sharing your stories

  30. I would like to purchase your new book, email details on how to send money etc. Looking forward to reading your latest book!

  31. Hi Chris, I have been following your adventures for the past several years and have to say I felt choked up myself reading what you wrote about leaving Nuk Tessli but am happy to see you are on a new adventure. I would very much like to order one of your books from you personally and the $6.00 postage charge is fair exchange for having an autographed copy. Please let me know how I should get the money to you and in what form.
    Thanks so much for sharing your story with so many, Debra

  32. Hi Chris,
    I was reading about your amazing life experiences, and was hoping that you did presentations for groups. I am a member of the Women’s Institute in Vanderhoof, B.C.
    We believe in education and learning for all women and I believe that you also represent that. Do you do any talks? Would you be interested in sharing some of your experiences with our members?
    Thanks so much for you time.
    Brenda Devauld

  33. Hey Chris,

    my Name is Marco i live n a treehouse(More about my story you find on lloyds blog – in germany and i look to move to canada next year. My favorite region woulb be B.C., i did a lot of research on visa and stuff, but what i would like to know if i am in canada is there space to build little houses which is effordable and unregulated. And if there are regulations- what kind of regulations are there? I found an off grid bloc of rob, do you know more pages like this where i could find information?

    Regards marco

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