Windowsill Salads, Growing Sprouts and Microgreens


Growing Sprouts and Microgreens.  

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There are three attractive reasons for growing sprouts and microgreens.  

 1.  At the sprouted stage, a plant has many more nutrients than at any other stage in its life.  

 2.  You can eat them in a matter of days.  

 3.  They are very easy to grow.

This little e-book book explains how to grow sprouts in jars and microgreens in soil

full jar

kale mature







Sprouts and microgreens are a very beneficial resource to people who have no outside gardens, long winters, and live impossible distances from a ready supply of fresh food.


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  1. Hello Chris,
    This book looks perfect. Love to download but it appears the link is no longer working.
    Please let me know how to purchase.

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