Tatla Lake Gymkhana 2022.

Like so many things, the Tatla Lake Gymkhana had been put on hold for the last two years. So it was great to have this event again.

Note the lady in red. She enjoys riding side-saddle.

Barrel racing. This event is accurately timed so contestants can add points for the rodeo circuit.

The heats go down through the ages. The youngest ones’ times depend how fast their parent can run…

A pipe hangs over the arena; from it is suspended a tire that will be used in an event on the second day. The previous time I attended the gymkhana, bluebirds were nesting in the pipe. This time, tree swallows had moved in. At neither time did the birds cease to feed their young.

Next event was the pole bending. This little girl had a very steady quiet horse who walked the whole way, but she managed the circuit on her own. (She didn’t break any timing records, though!)

It got pretty cold and the wind started to blow, but the rain held off.

The ribbon race was next. Two riders are joined by a bit of flagging tape. The have to negotiate a figure of eight round 2 barrels, then gallop to the finishing line. Everyone managed fine until the last gallop home when one usually lost the ribbon. It is quite tricky to get the two horses to go at the correct different speeds to get around the barrel. This picture was taken a split second before the ribbon was lost.

The winners were the last pair of contestants – they walked the whole way round the course and were the only ones to complete it.

The day ended with a relay race. Wonderfully exciting for both riders and audience.

A bonus for me. I bought a $20 raffle ticket to help the cause and darn if I didn’t win the second prize. Exactly what I need. A cord of firewood!

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