Nuk Tessli Wildflowers Sample


Walk among Nuk Tessli’s Wildflowers.

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This e-book contains 90 pages, documents 92 species, and shows about 120 photographs.  As I have identified about 250 species in the Nuk Tessli area altogether, this record is obviously limited.  However, it includes the more obvious flowers that most people are likely to encounter.

It is divided into 5 sections: 1. Wet Meadows,  2. Rock Alpines,  3.  Tundra,  4. Forest Floor, 5. Berries.  The following is a sample:

P. 4.

p. 4 paintbrush 1

p. 6.

p.6 lupin

p. 16

p.16 MMM

p. 35

p.35 sun dew

P. 37

p.37 Moss Campion

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