A Mountain Year by Chris Czajkowski

A Mountain Year front cover

A Mountain Year by Chris Czajkowski


Hard Cover, 184 pages

680 grams

23  x  15.5  x  1.9 cm

Harbour Publishing, October 2008

A Mountain Year describes 12 months at Nuk Tessli, which is situated in British Columbia’s Coast Mountains.  In 1988, Chris Czajkowski staked a claim beside a high-altitude, fly-in lake.  Access was by a day and a half’s hike through largely untracked wilderness, or by float plane.  She built three cabins, lived there winter and summer, and operated a small eco-tourism resort, the Nuk Tessli Alpine Experience, for 23 years.

A naturalist and artist from a young age, it was inevitable that Chris should be inspired to draw and describe the plants and animals in her neighbourhood.  To her delight, Harbour Publishing agreed to produce the book in colour.

This is a luscious and attractive hardcover book, presenting a natural year in a little-known, remote, mountainous area.  It is a must for all naturalists

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Robin from A Mountain Year

flowers at Nuk Tessli

A Mountain Year, cabin

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