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I am a wilderness dweller.  I live off the grid, alone, and have done so for over 30 years. The earlier cabins I built are far from a road in the high mountains of British Columbia’s Coast Range. They are accessed by an overnight hike, or a 20-minute float plane ride from Nimpo Lake in the West Chilcotin. They are 150 miles from the nearest banks, traffic lights, supermarkets or cell phone frequencies.

Building in the Wilderness

I did most of the construction alone, falling the trees, dragging them with a comealong, and raising the logs with blocks and tackles. I needed more than one building as the BC government insisted I have a commercial reason to be in the mountains – ecotourism was the only practical way to earn money in this high, lonely and spectacular location. www.nuktessli.com/

I recently sold Nuk Tessli and aquired 40 solitary acres about 30 miles away. I have no close neighbours, gorgeous views of mountains, and a wild river at the foot of the property. City amenities are not much closer although I can now drive to my new home on a rough bush road.  I built yet another home, power it with the sun, and still cook and heat solely with wood.

Keeping Creative

I have written 12 books about my wilderness life.

I operate my blogs using solar-powered satellite internet

26 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Good morning Chris.

    It’s been a crazy year of dealing with covid, natural disasters, too many friends passing, relationship failure, and being jobless, all in a very short period of time but as long as I have faith and hope in myself, nothing can stop me from achieving my goals to have a simple and self sufficient lifestyle in a rural area. As I am continuously learning so much about myself and what I think would be best for me while I am living in a 5th wheel camper that’s I’ve skirted and insulated for winter season in the Cariboo because I live alone and will be getting a companion dog. I’m an avid hunter, fisherman, all around outdoor enthusiast and a Jack of all trade gentleman. Anyways, I’d just thought to share my appreciation with you about your “Diary of a Wilderness Dweller” novel. It is very inspiring and well-written. I’d love to meet and sit down for a cup of coffee with you and listen to your history of living in the wilderness. I hope to find your other novels in a library. Cheers.

  2. Hello,

    My husband told me about you from your incredible interview on CBC. I loved your story and asked for your blog Instantly. I’m excited to read about your journeys and the endless knowledge that you have about the wilderness. I admire your way of life so much.

    We have left the city and on our second year of living in the bush. Escaping the loud neighbours and tightly packed homes we have never looked back . It’s been very humbling to come out to undeveloped land and make it into something.

    Have a wonderful night!

  3. Hi Chris,
    I purchased two of the books you authored in 1999; put them in my library; had to do some recuperation from surgery recently; and lo and behold I saw your books, 21 years later. I know the experience of having quietness. One time I was hiking a trail on Mt. Baker, stopped for lunch, heard a ticking sound, it was my watch. I just love wilderness and have hiked many miles in the Cascades and the Rockies. I completely understand your thinking. All the best to you.

  4. Hi Chris,

    It has been my pleasure to read your books and share in your experiences. Would that I were younger (75) I would have loved to have shared as a tourist in your world.
    God Bless You as I see He has all these years.


  5. I read Lonsome a couple of years ago…wonderful book….and just finished reading Harry…..I live on the west coast of Vancouver Island and have most of my life..also on the the east coast. What a Very life you are having..to see the beauty of this island and area..going to library today to see if your new book is in…sorry l missed you in Courtenay l read our local paper the next day……l admire you So much…Sydney Daviss

  6. Hi Chris, I just finished reading Harry’s book, it was fascinating, I couldn’t put it down. I’m hoping my library also has Lonesome’s story. I love all the photo’s you’ve taken, being a gardener, the flowers are gorgeous. And the dog’s, of course, just wonderful. All I can say is ‘WHAT A WOMAN’ You are my hero. Thanks for sharing your stories with us.

  7. Hi Chris,
    Reading Harry really surprised me. Until recently I read 9 of your books, but not the dog ones or the cookbook as I’m not really pet crazy and don’t cook much anymore.
    But I just finished Harry and loved it! It was a great follow up from your other books. So now I’ve ordered Lonesome and the cookbook.
    Will you write more books? I would really enjoy hearing about your new adventures.


  8. Hi Chris – loved the book, I am strictly a city dweller, but enjoyed hearing aboutyour travels and stamina. Saw the tv movie alone in the wilderness about a man with same experiences. Going to pass this book on to my nephew who lives in a cabin on a lake in Mission, B.C. Look forward to reading more.
    Enjoy yourretirement!

  9. Hi,

    I just stumbled across your blog reading about Hwy 20. As a local, I thought you might be able to answer some questions I have. I’m thinking about skiing from Williams Lake to Bella Coola in March. Will there still be sufficient snow then? What are the temperatures like in March?

    Thanks so much!

  10. IZjpVRpl6uOH
    Hello Chris,
    I found your site while looking for land and was pleasantly surprised to find you are the artist of a pencil sketch I saw in 99. We were staying with Stanley Edwards at his home along the Atnarko River, and while admiring your sketch he was proud to say it was a drawing of him. He then told us you had come to the area and built your own cabin to live in, well, I was totally amazed you did all this alone!
    We live off grid with wood heat and know the energy that is needed to enjoy this life, you are amazing Chris and I look forward to your future adventures,

  11. Hi there, Chris,
    I can´t believe I found your wonderful website here! Awesome, what you did.
    Besides, you did not bake this perfect bread and not in this oven! Did you? Yes , of course, you did! Im so thrilled to see your picture and you beeing up and well. You made your way and its not an easy one. Most spectacular fotos with the frost and gras!
    Such beauty! And all your books- CONGRATULATIONS! By the way, I still have of course your first books, your raku loon and those wonderful flower prints. The big watercolor painting I gave away to Angelika Grossmann when I left the country. The other one is still here with me. AND a little rock with a wolf painted on it with black ink, singing to the moon, here, right beside my desk!
    Take care and I smile when I think of you and the times we all had! Alice

  12. Hi Chris,
    I just finished your book “Lonesome” and had a good cry at the end. I really love
    that dog. I also admire you for doing what I would want to do, but have too much
    fear to do. You seem to have no fear. I’ll finish by saying your book has inspired me
    to get out in the wilderness.
    Thank you for being such an engaging writer,

  13. Hi Chris,

    We very much enjoy your blog. It keeps us up to date on news and the seasons of the area. We have a cabin on the Dean a mile below Anahim Lake where for the last thirty years we spend several weeks every summer or fall. Our being from Portland we were wondering if you will be stopping at Powell’s Bookstore with your slideshow or one of the other fine bookstores in the area? Hope you get your well working for the winter.


  14. Hi Chris
    Thank you for such a wonderful book. You are an inspiration. I am from Australia (Canberra) and lived in Quesnel for 12 months. I bought your book in 2010 on the way out to Honululu Road(near Nesko) on a camping trip with friends. Your book brought it all flooding back to me. Like you I love the wilderness but I am not sure I could live off the land as you do. Thank you. Karen

  15. Hi Chris
    I have all your books, they are great .Did not know you had bought property
    please send me a link to your new home would love to see it. Good luck and hope to here from you soon.
    PS any luck selling

  16. Hi Chris;

    Just found your web site and I’m very impressed with all you have accomplished. My wife built a clay bake oven which we have made cookies, pizza, and hot meals. Plan to build a larger one for bread once our off grid passive solar home is built. We start construction, August 22.

    Thanks for sharing your lifestyle. Hope to visit you next time we are in BC.


  17. In past years I had read a few of your books Chris and I believe they have had a big impact on me. Even though I haven’t kept track of what you were up to for a few years, I still have that seed in my soul that your books planted back then. It’s good to see you now have a blog and I’ll be checking in more frequently.

  18. Hi Chris,
    Love the website! Very inspiring to me. Congratulations on all your accomplishments and the lovely home.
    I am eagerly anticipating relocating to the west chilcotin with my husband and two children (Tatlayoko Valley). I will look forward to the possibility of meeting in person one day.

  19. hello Chris,

    It was in 200o that I bought one of you’re books in the store I believe at Nimpo Lake, travelling around. I Have followed your photojournals/website since then, filled with respect for the way you live. Congrulations with beatifull new house, stay well,

    best regards,

    Anke, The Netherlands

  20. hello there hope you had a good holiday season . do you own your accesible land if so where did you look to find this propery. and also did you make that bread from grinding your own wheat. a mutch healther and cheaper choice. thanks for sharing with us

    1. Hi Garth

      I was lucky to know the people who were selling the land. There are lots of properties for sale on the Chilcotin. Just drive along Highway 20 and see.
      I grind a lot of my own flour – wheat, kamut, rye, amaranth. But as I hand-grind it takes too long to do all of it, especially when I feed a lot of people.

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