Payment for Books

Shipping details are at the bottom of the page so that you can choose the option you prefer.

Payment for Books – 3 Options:

Email Your Payment, Interac etc.

Please email me FIRST so that we can agree on a shipping method and total, and then pay via email from your online banking. You will need to send me a separate email containing the password for the transaction. Books will be shipped after funds clear.

Pay Via Cheque

Please email me FIRST so that we can agree on a shipping method and total. Then mail a cheque to me at:

Christine Czajkowski
Box 18
Kleena Kleene BC,

Books will be shipped after funds clear.

Shipping from Ginty Creek

is complicated!  I would have to drive three and a half hours to reach a UPS depot or any other courier.  The only shipper available to me is Canada Post.

Canada Post

Canada Post insists that all parcels within the country must be tracked.  (Previously, we were given a choice.) This has put the price up exponentially.  Weight, size and destination cause the price to vary hugely: a book to Vancouver may cost $3.30 or 8.34.  To Eastern Canada, it may cost over 17.00.  The only way around this is for you to email me.  I can find out on line how much your parcel will cost and try and get back to you within 24 hours.

US and Overseas

Bizarrely, books sent overseas and to the States are cheaper because they are not tracked  (airmail would be expensive, though.)  Again, prices for destinations vary.

Letter Rate and Parcel Rate

If a packaged book fits through a certain slot, it can go as letter rate.  Smaller books like the Cookbook and Lonesome fit this category (any standard-sized book under 1.9 cm thick).  If it won’t fit through the slot, it goes as parcel rate.  This explains the large range between a Vancouver destination; 3.30 is letter rate, 8.43 is parcel rate.  However, two smaller books (depending on weight) can go for the same parcel rate.  Once 500 grams is reached, however, the price goes up but only about $1.50 for the next 500 gms.

Consequently, it is very difficult for me to give a fair overall price for shipping books.  Please email me with your post office mailing address and I will try and get back to you with the price within 24 hours.


Weight is not the only factor determining postage rates, size is as well.  All artwork will have to go as Parcel Rate.

Expect delays

I am a wilderness dweller.  I live 20 minutes from the nearest post office.  It is open only three times a week.  So with all mailed orders I apologize in advance for the delays.

One thought on “Payment for Books”

  1. Hi Chris; I want your book, And The River Still Sings — Number One. Oh, I just realised that there will be another, Number Two, one of these days.
    I will send a cheque by mail.
    My Address, you may have from way back but here it is anyway.
    T M Reimer
    309-1745 Leighton Rd.
    Victoria B C
    V8R 6R6
    I imagine you will email me with the price and when I send the cheque you will have all this info again. Of course I want my book autographed too, you’ve done the others to Tonia (my real and prettier name).
    Congratulations on getting this book done, I’m looking forward to it. But I am not in a hurry, I know you’re flooded with requests and I know you’ve got the Book Tour coming up. So don’t get your knickers in a twist.

    Love Toni

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