Spring Update

1 pondI still can’t get used to the new spring green.  The Chilcotin is never green for long – by August it has usually dried up and turned brown.

Crazy beetles are whizzing about on the pond.1a crazy beetlesMost of the cut-leaf fleabanes around here are rayless: in other words they do not sport the white “petals.”  One bank hosts rayed flowers; they have pinkish undersides and are very pretty.  (No, they are not the introduced garden daisies.)1b pink fleabanes bestIt keeps raining a bit on and off, and we are getting typical thundery lights on the mountains.3 thunderlight middle mt

2 thunderlight w2Some of the showers are bringing hail.4 hailOthers are bringing the snow well down the mountains.  Generally the weather has been somewhat cool.  The rain we are having today (again! – it’s the third decent rain!) is welcome, though, as there is already a “fire of note” within 100 km of us.

The garden is loving it, too, although it is too cool for it to make much progress at the moment.  Most people plant at the end of May but I have got most of my seeds in already.  In the foreground are various kales and collards. They were planted before the drip hoses were placed so here the hoses lie on top of the ground.  In all the rows behind, the hoses are buried.  It remains to be seen how well those will work.5 garden sproutingRight at the top of the above photo is a green strip of the kale that wintered.  It is currently producing more than I can eat.7 kaleThe cold frame in the greenhouse has been providing a daily salad for over a month, now, and the cold frame I planted outside is also doing really well.  Despite assiduous efforts at growing sprouts and microgreens, one can never get enough leafy veg in winter.  (It is a 3 and half hour-drive to the nearest supermarket – often longer in winter.) Having all this abundance, fresh-picked straight into my  mouth, is a gourmet feast!6 salad

3 thoughts on “Spring Update”

  1. I’m jealous of your greens. I want some. The farmers market is in full bloom in Portland Maine. My eye’s are bigger than my belly when I look at all the goodies of veggies. Oh the veggies, I love them all and this year, I see flowers, edible violets, yes get them while they last. Flowers for the mind, body and spirit. I dance and hum through the many venders. When I get to the edible flowers, I here the workers humming too. HAHAHA Enjoy those greens, they are wonderful.

  2. Your greens are absolutely beautiful to behold – I’m sure they’re much nicer than any supermarket can provide.

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