Pineapple Express


West-coasters will know what I mean: Pineapple Express is the name given to the insanely warm winds that barrel up the coast in winter, directly from Hawaii.  It is giving us this endless warm gloom.  I often hear people talk about the February blahs – that’s when many go to Hawaii or similar places.  Usually I love February as the days are longer and we often have good frosts and sunshine.  Not this year, though.

In fact, I am going away this February.  But I will be going to Gabriola Island to speak at the Writers Festival.  (I will make a separate post about the trip.)  There I can probably look forward to pouring rain…..

At least I don’t live in Kitimat.  It is about 400 km north of me.  Last weekend they had a huge snow dump.  Scroll down to the video – gives a better picture.  Looked pretty wet from the shovelling that was going on.  This is the kind of Canada most foreigners imagine our country to be…

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  1. Hi Chris, I just looked at the snowfall pictures and movie, a little overwhelming and yet- always smiles and laughter, what a great bunch these Canadians are!
    And I wish you luck for your trip and book tour, lots of success, enjoyable wheather, good health and anything else you might need!

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