February Book Tour

On the 20 – 22nd February, I will be performing at the Galiano Writers’ Festival.  On the way south, I will stay with friends in Ashcroft (17th).  On the evening of the 18th February, I will give a slide show at Maple Ridge library.  On 19th I visit friends at Burnaby.  Coming north, I will stay in Lone Butte (just south of 100 Mile.)

I will be packing along some art work as well as books if anyone is interested.

One thought on “February Book Tour”

  1. Love the pictures on your blog. I learned about you when I borrowed your first book from the local library in Ashcroft. From there I looked you up on the Internet and discovered your website and blog. You are an inspiration! I then went on to read the book about the Edwards family by Leland Stowe, just finished Ruffles on My Longjohns by Isabel Edwards – loved them both.
    Would love to meet you one day – maybe Ashcroft could have you do a book reading/ writer’s workshop here! Maybe I’ll put a bug in the ear of the local librarian. Safe travels!

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