A busy week on the Chilcotin

It started 30th July when I took Patrick down The Hill to Bella Coola.  You can see part of Highway 20 on the right.

Top of The HillPatrick did a bit of work in my friends’ yard at Stuie.  (It was very hot.)

Stuix and PatrickWhen I was down for my last physiotherapy appointment 6 weeks ago, masses of flowers were blooming.  Now they are all in fruit.


berries of thimbleberryFalse Solomon Seal

berries of false solomon sealBunchberry

berries of bunchberryAnd again, with lupin leaves.

lupin leaf and bunchberryThe oddest coloured berry was from the Queens Cup.

berry of queens cupThe roadsides were lush with fireweed and goldenrod

fireweed and goldenrodUnfortunately, I had to put Patrick on the plane to Vancouver.  He was a great helper.

plane to Vancouver from Bella CoolaOn August 2nd there was a Celebration of Life for a local pilot, Sid Blackwell, who had had a long battle with cancer.  About 150 people turned up at the hanger where the Celebration was held.  Sid often used to fly me to Nuk Tessli.

Sid BlackwellThe next day there was a music gathering at the Paradise Resort  on Eagle Lake just west of Tatla Lake.  The minute the show started, my dog Badger lay on the deck in the shade and didn’t budge for two hours.

Paradise Lake ResortThere was cowboy poetry

cowboy poetryA most intriguing bagpipe player who filled the bag with an arm-pumped bellows

14. bagpipesJohn, the host,

15. JohnIt was hot again and shade among the thin aspens was at a premium.

Joanne and umbrellaThe sun was close to setting when we drove home (although the party went on for some time.)  There are a lot of cows on the road right now.  Note the bugs!

cows on highway 20Tomorrow I drive 9 and half hours to Vernon, stay the night and pick up a stove, and drive back.  It promises to be even hotter there, with “severe risk of thunderstorms…..”  Should be fun!!!!


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2 thoughts on “A busy week on the Chilcotin”

  1. Hi Chris:

    There are time lapses between my visits here, but man I love the pictures you take and the projects you do. Keep well.

  2. Chris,
    Your pics are always great , but it looks like your now able to get down and closer to your subjects than before. Good for you. Things seem to be on the mend. Badger looks like a good one!

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