Late July Heatwave at Ginty Creek

It has been endlessly hot with temperatures around 28 or 29C every afternoon.  However, most mornings it is around zero.  My poor potatoes have been zapped with frost so many times I am not sure they are going to make it.

IMG_3458I have not had much time for walking, but occasionally I get a chance to get about.  The wildflower season is marching on.  Cow parsnip.

1. cow parsnipThis beetle was drowning in nectar.

2. beetleThe paintbrush are looking a little ragged.

3. paintbrushThe cut-leafed anemone has gone to seed.

4. anemone seedheadsThe yellow Rattle is coming into its own.

5. yellow rattleThis is the kind of thing I see every morning from my window.  It is amazing that we have no smoke from forest fires. (That white stuff is mist from the river: remember, in the shade, it is zero degrees!)

8. yet another scorcher.The turning season is bringing on diseases.  Here is a blasted saskatoon berry seen near Alexis Creek.  What appears to be a fungus is sprouting from the berry itself.

9. saskatoon diseasClose to home, some young cottonwoods are sporting a very showy infestation.

10. cottonwood disease.


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One thought on “Late July Heatwave at Ginty Creek”

  1. I don’t know very much about meteorology, but I am amazed that the temperature can be that hot during the day and yet reach zero in the morning at this time of year. Late August maybe, but late July? Did you have zero temperatures at this time at Nuk Tessli? Sorry about the potatoes.

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