The Floor

Nearly three weeks when I last wrote.  It has been a terribly hectic time.

When in Bella Coola I picked up 2 volunteers, Danny from England and Jonas from Germany; a few days later, Lily from Germany was brought by her parents: the family had been vacationing in Canada.  Lily is only 17 but a bundle of energy and hard work.  Jonas twisted his ankle before he came and is lamer than I am so was only of limited use: fortunately he had an affinity for precise joinery and use of the skill saw.  Neither young man could think beyond the noses on their faces so every detail had to be explained and it was a constant struggle to make them put tools away and leave areas tidy enough to work on the following day.  But slowly, slowly, the floor got laid.

Lily and Danny cutting a fir tongue and groove floorboard.

danny and lilyJonas laying a board.  I had cut the edging around the stove surround to fit the stonework.

stove surroundDanny and Lily working on their side of the stove.

3. fitting boardsI put cement between the edge boards and the stones.

the surroundings of the stoneworkFilling in the main part of the floor

the main part of the lfoorThen we ripped apart the office area, which had always intended to be temporary, and rebuilt it.  I designed home-made sliders so I could have shelvesthat slid in and out.

rebuilding the officeJonas cutting the tricky edge to the computer work station.

7. Jonas finishing top IMG_3782Eventually, I will make doors that hide all the boxes.  Here are the shelves closed:

closed drawersAnd open.

open shelvesThe floor still has to be finished with linseed oil but I have to fit that in around sleeping and cooking for all my visitors.  But I now have a functioning computer area with the work space angled just so to allow me to look out of both main windows.  And it feels so good to be able to walk on a real floor instead of that horrible endlessly dusty plywood.

And finally, here is a typical wilderness moment.

IMG_3716Last fall I bought a wireless router.  This is how the volunteers spend their lundh time!

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2 thoughts on “The Floor”

  1. Yikes, hope the two young men don’t read this post describing their inability to think beyond the noses on their faces, and their messiness. They might be a tad hurt by that! Seems to me that they’re managing to put together a nice floor for you, in spite of what looks to be a badly sprained ankle on one of them.

  2. Your floor is looking great. I have missed your posts. You must have the patience of a saint. My husband and I never work together, that’s why we are still married.

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