And So The Seasons Turn

After weeks of incessantly hot weather, it finally got cooler.

sunrise at Ginty Creek

another sunrise

third sunriseThe grass turned silver.

grass turningThe August full moon came and went.

August full moon

another August full moonThat morning the temperature dropped to -3C.  The potatoes were just recovering from the spring frosts; now they were totally zapped.  I expect there will be spuds below ground, though.  The late-staying humming birds looked a little frazzled.

cold hummingbirdOne day there was a lot of heavy helicopter activity.  A fire behind Finger Peak, which had stared during a lightning storm about 10 days before, suddenly took off in a strong wind.

Finger Peak fireBut 3 helicopters and 6 people fought it and the next day it had died down again, although there is an occasional miasma of smoke.  It probably won’t be completely out until the snow flies, but this late in the season it will do no harm to anyone.

Lily and Danny climbed Nogwon.  It was very windy and cold on top.

cold on Nogwon

Nogwon top with Lily





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