Life Ticks Along at Ginty Creek

Not all the trees are turning colour.  Two years ago, after a very hot, dry summer, the temperature was 32 C at the beginning of October.  Two weeks later, it was -16C.  The trees did not turn yellow, but during the temperature plunge, they turned black and then dropped off.  Perhaps these later deciduous trees will remain green this year as well.

fresh snow on middle mountainIn places, there is a wonderful tapestry of fall colours.

fall tapestery at Ginty CreekThe weather is mixed: a bit of rain, a bit of sun.  These red aspens were striking against a gloomy sky.

red aspens agaisnt a gloomy skyThe snow flattened the beautiful grasses and I thought that was the end of them but, surprisingly, a lot of them stood up again.

grass by a gate at Ginty CreekMarjorie and I have been working hard around the place.  After the machines had dug the basement of my house, they left a horrible legacy of barren dirt.

barren ground at Ginty CreekWe have been collecting bunch grasses and other wild plants from places like the road and the plot where a garden will eventually be, loading them into the poor, long-suffering van…..

inside my van at Ginty Creek… and planting them in the desert.

marjorie planting at Ginty Creek

I also collected grass seedheads and will scatter them as well.  It will be interesting to see what comes up next year.


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