Freeman Patterson

I am a great admirer of Freeman Patterson’s photographs.  After perusing an older edition of Photography and the Art of Seeing recently, I went out into my golden world and had some fun.

Frost on sedges flattened by snow.

frosty sedges at Ginty Creek

A similar all-over swirly pattern with willow twigs and leaves.

swirly willows at Ginty Creek

These dead willow sticks made strong caligraphy

willow twigs at Ginty CreekAnd the dwarf birch glowed like fire.

dwarf birch at Ginty CreekThe the sun poked above the trees and thawed the frost into dew.  I had marvelous fun putting my camera to maximum zoom, standing among the birch and willows, and panning slowly around, letting it focus on whatever it liked.  Sometimes I held the shoot button half way down and continued to pan.  I got the most amazing abstracts.

abstract leaves, Ginty Creek


abstract at Ginty Creek

dark abstract at Ginty Creek

fall abstract, Ginty Creek





3 thoughts on “Freeman Patterson”

  1. Hey Chris:

    I like Patterson too, but you’re no slouch yourself. This blog is great without the pics, but your images always please me. I’m a photography buff too, but you do waaay better than me.

  2. I think your work is really exciting and this fall series is outstanding!
    One of my favorites is (GK fence 2 ). Talk about the ‘art of seeing’.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have followed your quest since ‘Singing River’. All the best.

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