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The Block, 9th August 2012

There is a loop trail close to the cabin that I have always referred to as “The Block.”  The day before I was due to fly out, I walked around it to say goodbye.

A lot of the hike is through the high-altitude, scrubby pine forest that surrounds Nuk Tessli.

A good part of it follows Otter Creek (named by me because of the otter tracks that always loop along it in winter.)

There is a small but amazingly colourful meadow.

Back through the forest to say goodbye to the rocks

through more meadows where the pyramid spaearia  is blooming: it is one of the last plants to flower.  (I know that is spelled wrong: I am too lazy to look it up!)

Curving towards the cabins again where the fireweed is blooming

And, in a shady part of the forest, is the only known patch in this area of Single Delight.  (I always think that sounds like the name for an ice-cream cone.)  It is a tiny flower that bows it’s head to the forest floor.  I have never managed to take a decent photo of it before so I was quite pleased with this one.

Past the last of several ponds where the willows were eaten by some kind of beetle larvae.

A close-up made an interesting abstract.

The last pond was full of pond lilies.  In this shot they are framed by sitka burnet.

I have never before seen so many flowering stalks on the sitka burnet.