Snow at Ginty Creek.

The dull weather took on an ominous cast at sunrise one morning.  1-storm-warningLater that day, it started to snow at Ginty Creek.  Badger is staring intently at me through the window, asking to come in. He never, of course, brushes himself off first.
1-badger-pleadingBy the next morning, there were quite a few inches on the ground.2-snowTime to clear snow of the solar panels again…3-solar-panelsI couldn’t get an internet signal – I had to brush snow off the satellite dish and arm as well.4-snow-on-satellite-dishIf the seeds are covered in snow, the birds can’t find them.  I have to go and stir them up.  As they swoop in to get one, they often reveal more.  But if it snows too fast, the seeds are covered again and I have to keep going out and clearing them.  They do not know to scratch like chickens.5-bird-feederMy road, on the way back from the post office.  This lone bull is only a few kms from home and is heading in the right direction.7-bullThe next day it snowed again, and the next.  We were beginning to wonder if our winter was going to be a continuation of the summer’s endless precipitation, only colder.  But then we got a gleam of sun.6-gleam-sunAnd another.rare-sunThat evening there was even a bit of a sunset.10-sunset-after-rare-sunDidn’t last, though.  On the Saturday I drove with some trepidation to the Tatla Lake Christmas market.  It was snowing steadily: already there were 6″ on my driveway and the van starts to have difficulties at 8.”  I would be at the fair, selling books, for several hours.   If it continued to snow, the drive home might be a bit precarious.  The road sign says it all!11-snowing-to-tatla-fairThe fair is held in the school gym.12-tatla-schoolThere were all the usual crafts.13-sharon-sweatersCourtney (centre)’s mother is a caterer, and Courtney has been selling her own baked goods since she was a little girl. 14-courtneyIt was still snowing as I drove home.  Although there had been very little wind, 3 new trees were down on my 4 km driveway.15-home-first-treeI managed to squeeze past the first two, but had to stop for the third.  At least I had the chain saw with me.  I cut out just enough to get by.16-second-treeThe next morning, we had an unbelievable treat.17-sunriseThe snow had stopped and there was a clarity to the air we had not seen for a very long time. It looked as though the sun was going to shine.  There were 8 and half inches snow on the ground.  I was wondering about ploughing my road.  It is very hard to find anyone to do it these days.  I figured I should put chains on the pickup and see if I could at least drive along it and cut out the fallen trees.  The pickup would pack the snow down enough for the van.  But if we got any more…

However, I had just stepped out of the door when I heard a machine.  In came a tractor with a plough!18-christoffChristoff owns the Terra Nostra Guest Ranch, less than 2 km away as the raven flies, but because it is across the river, it is 9 km by road.  I have come to know Christoff over the summer while working on the Kleena Kleene internet tower (still not hooked up), and also I took Sanjey over there for his horse ride.  I had mentioned to Christoff the need for a plougher, but knew he was going back to Switzerland for the winter.  In fact he was due to leave in a couple of days.  However, without contacting me, he just arrived.  He was able to push the fallen trees away with the tractor.  In future, his caretakers will plough me out when I need it.  So that is one big winter problem solved.

And the day got better!19-perkins-peakThe following day, too, gave us some sun.  At first there was fog and there was a time of will-it, won’t-it.  I decided to break out the snowshoes and plod up onto the north bluffs.  The river is still pretty high for this time of year.20-riverUp on the dunes, I was still lidded in cloud.  I could see blue sky to the northwest.21-clear-to-northand more in the north east.22-clear-to-neAnd then suddenly, we got full, unadulterated SUN!!!22a-sun-bestIncredible!23b-snow-dead-tree-2Perkins Peak.24-ppFinger Peak.24a-fp-2Every branch looks fantastic.28-snow-on-branchThe sky is so blue!29-forestToo hot for Badger, though.  He rests in the shade23c-badger-in-shadeThat night, I could see where the sun touched the rim of the earth for the first time in months.  The last time it cleared Nogwon far to the right off the picture.  That would have been the Equinox.  Here, 3 weeks from the shortest day, it is to the left of Finger Peak.26-sunsetThe next morning we had a sunrise!30-sunrise-fpIt was quite cool and there was frost on the woodshed window.31-frostAnd as the sun cleared the trees, it sparkled on the branches.32-backlit-trees-2We’ve had more sun this past week than during the last month.  My solar panels are loving it.  Dull and dribbling snow today – can’t expect too much – but it is supposed to clear tomorrow – and the temperature is due to drop.

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  1. Currently reading the second of your books, read the first one several years ago. Your integrity and determination are fearsome. And admirable. I’m 80 now, but about 15 years ago my husband and I did the Bowron Lakes circuit in late September when it rained each and every day, but what an experience! We still venture out daily, my husband and I, to a wooded ravine adjacent to our home, for perambulations with our two little dogs. What a template your life presents for a life of solitude, contemplation and oneness with nature.

  2. I love badger in his very thoughtful intense stare, no words just Im staring that means i need in, for warmth and rest. LOL-An old soul. Your animals are happy, thats very good.I see your life is in the minus and plus stages.Winter is always a restful time but at times can be very productive.Whilst your wilderness is booming in temps, your book is blooming, very nice.Wilderness chit chat happening here and there in your travels.Its so amazing that when given a road block like a tree fallen, you just get out your chain saw and tree be gone, haha.Your blog is always filled with pretty views and happenings.Where i live, my views differ so greatly. Cold has settled in this small coastal town where i live ,like that of an old picture on a wall,that has never left. Its the view in your life.The pictures you post are very beautiful. The cold is cold until you see the mountains . Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for your stories and photos – beautiful and interesting, as always. You work hard to make things work in such a wilderness place – wonderful that you have all those moments of natural beauty for a reward – and so good of you to share them with the rest of us.

  4. Gorgeous photos!! We had about 15 inches of snow a week or more back, but just a bit here and there since. There’s a storm heading in this evening, who knows what it will dump on us! Stay warm and safe.

  5. Oh My Gosh this city girl LOVES your posts!! As I read about your trip to the craft fair I felt anxious for you driving in 6″ of snow – and that your vehicle doesn’t do well if it is 8″ or more! Then when I saw the pic of the trees down in your driveway and all that snow, I thought to myself how scary that would be. THEN I laughed out loud when you said you had a chain saw so got out and just cut it away so you could get by! I can’t tell you how much I enjoy that you share what it is like to live in a wild place! I also love that you share pictures and stories of other people doing the same. I live in the city and only get away into the woods on weekends and vacations. I love to hike, backpack, camp and simply “be” in the woods. I believe our souls are wired to need the wild spaces and I have so much admiration for how you are living life! Thank you for sharing!
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  6. Beautiful photos as usual, the snow seems to bring everything alive again.
    I was driving on snow covered roads this morning and white knuckling it all the way to town. Good thing is that we don’t have as many twists and turns as you do.

  7. Great post, THANKS!
    Good old Badger. How old is he now? I also have to clean the snow off my satellite dish, but mine is up on the second floor and I use a water hose with a high pressure nozzle. We just had 5 inches of snow here yesterday, the first of the year.
    Stay well, Gary

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