Tatla Lake Winter Fun Party

1 bit of sunThis is where we have the gymkhana in summer.  A keen cross-country ski group groom the trails for winter enthusiasts.  Every weekend, people gather to ski and have a soup, but once a year ski competitions and games are organized.

This year’s Tatla Lake Winter Fun Party even had a bit of sun to start with.  It soon clouded over, but the weather could not have been better.  A few degrees below freezing; no wind, and perfect snow.  There was a big fire to keep everyone toasty.2 firepitI’m not much of a skier – I have bad knees and prefer to snowshoe at home.  For this event, I just come to visit and enjoy the fun.  The first competition, tossing the chain saw, is always fun!3 tossing saw 24 tossing saw 1Even the little kids had a go!5 tossing saw 3That is what is so great in this community.  Every event is for all ages.

The next competition was  Board Feet.  Three sets of straps on 2 x 4s hold the boots of 3 people.  The key to moving forward is, of course, coordination.  This group was the easy winner.  It was the only one who kept together and didn’t fall over.11 boardfeet 2The next group look like they are motoring along, but in fact they are in the process of crashing!

12 boardfeet 1

13 boardfeet 3Kids don’t need organized games to have fun, though.9 kids 2

10 kidsThe last competition was tea boiling.  Contestants were given four pieces of split wood, a bag of shavings, a hatchet, and a can of water.  The first to get bubbles was the winner.6 teaboiling 37 teaboiling 28 tea boiling 1

3 thoughts on “Tatla Lake Winter Fun Party”

  1. Chainsaw tossing looks like a hoot!!!
    I wonder if the people living in Florida realize just how much fun they’re missing out of by not having SNOW to play in.
    Great pictures of people having fun.

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