Into February Already

1 pink lightInto February already!  It’s still mostly dull, but we’ve been having a few bits of sunshine.  Often it clears during the night, as it did on this day (above), but as soon as the light arrives, the clouds take over.  Still, it has been a lot better.  And I and the solar panels do not need a lot, just enough to keep going.  The full moon was hidden by cloud – this was the first time I saw it clearly during this lunar month.2a moonThen we had a day that was nearly all sun.  The temperature crept above freezing during the afternoon.4 sunThe next day, it rained.5 rainThen back to the same old drab.6 drab bestAnother day with a bit of sun.  It was filtered by a high haze.7 from south bluffThe trees lost their frost and snow in the rain.9 no-snow willows

8 tree shadowsI like to watch the sunset point creep along the western quarter of the horizon.  On the shortest day, it sets in the dip to the left of Finger Peak.  I have not enjoyed this pleasure this year, though, as it has been hidden for the last four weeks; three days ago I was able to see the sunt hovering far above Finger Peak.11 sailing over FPThe next day I actually saw it set – right at the top of Middle Mountain already.13 sun hits MMIt was followed by a flush of red.12 red sunsetBack to grey again the next day, but this morning we got quite a show.  This is looking southeast, over the frozen pond.14 sunrise 1And southwest, towards the mountains.15 sunrise 2

16 sunrise 3In half an hour it had turned grey again.

The clearer nights have meant colder temperatures: -23C the other night and -18C last night, but it is supposed to jump up to -3C.  And tomorrow it is supposed to thaw….



2 thoughts on “Into February Already”

  1. The reds in the sky are stunning! As always, I enjoy your beautiful wilderness from my suburban home in the big city!

  2. Looks like the colors are finally coming back into your world. Such a GREAT view – with or without the stunning colors.

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