A Last Burst of Fall

Despite quite a bit of rain, the ponds remained dry.  Harry is sitting in the bottom of one of them – hot after a run.

1 hot harryThen we got a real rain that lasted all day.1a finger peak rainIt put more fresh snow on the mountains (the Kleena Kleene post office.)2 KK POAnd finally, water came back into the ponds.3b pondImmediately, they were full of ducks.  Mallards mostly but I think the smaller ones are teal.3 new water ducks 2They were upending and feeding like mad – why does the sedge taste so much better when it is covered in water?

When it is dry, frost is hardly noticeable but the rain and frost combined produced some very pretty effects.  4 frost leaves 2

5 birch and xmas lights

8 planets and willows

6 frost leaves 3

7 frost leaves 1Mother Nature’s Christmas lights.9 xmas kights

10 wetland colourThe day after the party was the full moon.  I kept an eye on the eastern sky in the evening, waiting for it to rise, and it seemed later than I anticipated.  Then, as the last of the daylight left the sky, I saw what appeared to be a very dull moon – was it cloudy?  But elsewhere there was not a cloud in the sky.  The moon was red, too, as if seen through the smoke of a forest fire.  Surely not after all that rain.  It was quite a while before I realized it must be an eclipse!  The following morning the moon set round as a pie plate over the western hills.10 moonsetThe fall continued somewhat drably.  Sunrises were, as always, beautiful.10a sunrise finger peak

11 another sunrise

12 fog trailing finger peakThen suddenly, the cottonwoods flared into a blaze of gold.  it was the last burst of fall.13 perkins peak white snow

14 river by cabin

15 KK river


dark cloudsAnd I rushed up onto the north dunes….19 cottonwoods and sand bluffs

20 cottonwoods and finger peakFog over One-Eye Lake

21 fog oneeye lake

23 cottonwoods from dead tree lookoutThe next day I went down to the river.  Even as I took this picture, a strong wind was starting.24 wind blowingThe leaves whirled into the river like golden snow.25 leaves in riverAnd this morning, the fall has almost gone.26 drab treesAll we have now are the colours in the sky.27 colours in sky


5 thoughts on “A Last Burst of Fall”

  1. I don’t believe this, no leaves! Good your glorious photos captured the last bit of your fall. Here, in North Carolina, a few sprigs of leaves are showing light reds, some gold.
    But I’d forgotten that ‘my’ leaves will soon be gone until I saw this post.
    Wonderful picture of your brother ,his wife, and Harry hamming it up at your party.
    And the Yurt? The wood stove in it is the exact one I had in my northern Michigan home! Sound sleep & wonderful dreams will surely happen in there.
    Enjoy your travels.
    Bring that book tour of yours to NC,where you can enjoy a second fall,someday? 🙂

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