Housewarming Party at Ginty Creek

9 party 1 stop signThe friends who came bear viewing with me had to leave before the actual party, but we managed to fit in a hike before they departed.

It’s been a funny fall.  There was a blaze of colour more than 2 weeks early, photographed when I took Jimmy to town, but in a couple of days it faded.pastel frost coloursThe aspens turned greyish – one might expect the severe infestation of leaf miner to be a party to that, but the dwarf birch also lost its leafThere were a few pockets left, however, when we went for our walk 1Squirrels are busy storing food for winter.  Here is a mushroom stuck up in a tree to dry.2 mushroom dryingSoon we were up on the dunes.3 on the dunesJacob’s ladder in its fall finery.5 jacobs ladderThe mountains behind the lake across the road were hidden.6 clearwater lakeElizabeth is a keen birdwatcher, and she spotted an eagle on its nest eating something.

7 eagles nestThe storms broke that evening to give a spectacular sunset.8 finger peak sunsetMy remaining guest and I drove along the 4 km road to hang balloons on the trees.  I was astounded to see, right by the highway, a brand new stop sign.  (See first picture.)

I was too busy at the party to take pictures  Only this one of my brother and his wife on my new deck.  The wind was bitter cold and soon we all had to move inside, bulging my little house at the seams.  Maybe friends will send pictures I can add here.  My brother has visited me a couple of times in Canada, but it is the first time Julie has been here.  I have not seen her for 35 years!

10 M and JIt was a great party.  People came from all over the province – it was lovely to think I had so many friends who were prepared to drive such a long way.  Only problem is, the house is still not finished!

But there is no peace for the wicked.  Now I must prepare for my fall book tour.  More about that in a day or two.




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I have lived for more than 30 years as a Wilderness Dweller. Most of that time was in cabins I built myself far from the nearest road, high in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada. My "retirement" home is accessible by a bush road but still far from neighbours. I live off the grid, and operate this blog by solar-powered satellite internet.
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One Response to Housewarming Party at Ginty Creek

  1. Betty Thomson-Smith says:

    Chris – as always – your posts are amazing and colorful and so much attention to detail.
    I hope someone does share pictures with you that you can share with us because I would love to see the fun of your housewarming!
    Your sister-in-law must have been in awe of all the space you have and your beautiful home space.
    I love the yurt. Looks so comfy. Deck and all!
    And the bear “hunt”.
    Travels with Chris. So much fun!
    And yes, I see you got some work out of some of your guests! Well done..

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