Another Trip down the Bella Coola Hill

1 bearOur bear was still feeding beside the road when we made another trip down the Bella Coola Hill.  Once again, as soon as he saw us, he laid down.  I think their’s something wrong with him.  I sure hope that people have not been stupid enough to feed him.

At the bottom of the Hill, the road was flooded with spring runoff.

2 flood roadMy friends’ yard was full of Moccasin flowers – Lady Slipper Orchids.

3 orchids and house

4 orchidsWild roses were also in bloom down there.

5 wild roseThis was a day for visiting the sights of the Bella Coola Valley.  We first stopped at the Mortuary Pole.

6 mortuary poleThen we took a walk to see the big cedars on Walker Island.

7 big trees

8 knotty tree

9 big cedarI love the way the forest makes spotlights of the sunshine.

10 mossy tangleIt’s so Emily Carr-ish!

11 emily carr-ishThe small things on the forest floor were also lit by the fascinating light and shade. Thimbleberry.

12 thimbleberryQueen’s Cup

15 queenscupDevil’s Club

13 devils clubAnd this unusual millipede in a Devil’s Club flower. It was about 3 cms long!

14 millipedeNext we moved to Clayton Falls.

1 falls lookoutI was surprised that there wasn’t more water.

2 falls pattern 1I saw dippers flying in and out of this ledge.  They probably had a nest in there.

3 dipper's ledge

Nearby hemlocks were wearing their full lacy spring finery.

5 hemlockThe salmonberry was in flower.  The wind was blowing so hard it was difficult to take its picture.  But I kind of like the result!

6 salmonberryNext we visited the famous petroglyphs.

7 petroglyphs 1A little creek trickles past the carvings.  The skunk cabbage, which like wet feet,  was in full leaf – it still had a faint skunky aroma.

8 skunk cabbageI have visited the petroglyphs often, and never fail to be fascinated by the carving and plant relationships.

9 petroglyphs 2

10 petroglyphs 3

11 petroglyphs 4So a long and very beautiful day.  But we didn’t quite get home without one more adventure.  Near the top of the Bella Coola Hill we got a flat tire.  We were carrying a heater stove for my new neighbours.  It was extremely heavy, so we had to unload it.  The volunteers changed the tire very competently.

12 flatPopeye to the rescue!

13 popeye





5 thoughts on “Another Trip down the Bella Coola Hill”

  1. Hi Chris, I too enjoy your posts. I love all the flowers and trees and was pleased when you referred to Emily Carr. Along side your books on my book shelf are Emily Carr’s books. She and you are my favorite single women, I’ve felt some kind of a kinship with Emily. I am third generation born in Victoria, I was nine when Emily died, that may be it. I didn’t ever meet her but remember hearing of the lady who walked around town with a monkey in a baby buggy. My dad, like you, enjoyed working with nature, he would love it when a snake slept in the sun near where he was puttering in his garden. so keep up the good work, I don’t write often but I do read all your posts.


  2. On a hill that steep, you would think that the run off would RUN OFF. The pictures of that hill when it’s icy are very scary. I would be holding my breath all the way to the bottom.

  3. By the looks of that bear .. yeah I do think that someone has been feeding him. He’s gotten used to the life of being a Roadside Attraction. As usual, I have enjoyed your posts.

  4. As always Chris, I love your posts. The scenery and flowers are so beautiful. It looks like you are having a ball with these enthusiastic volunteers, while getting a lot of work done.
    That is one big bear!!
    I look forward to the next post.
    The orchids are amazing up there, as are the wild roses. Nothing can put on a show like nature. You are living the dream!

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