More Volunteer Work.

4a staking peasThe blackflies are upon us!  Hence the headnets and heavy clothes on a hot day.  The three musketeers are staking the peas.

My wwoofers continue to be excellent.  They are making me tired because they get through the work so fast I then have to organize the next job.  Below, they are fixing a rickety screen door.

4b screen door

Now they are sanding cabinet doors I found at the dump.

4c sanding cupboard door

Izaro is cutting door posts.

IMG_3829(I will insert the finished cabinet picture when the doors are hung.)

We also added another board to my table.  I had the board – I had made it with an Alaskan mill up at Nuk Tessli.  The support is another classic Chilcotin project: arms from a defunct internet satellite dish.

IMG_3831In the mean time, spring is jumping into summer.  It has been hot and thundery every day, and usually above freezing at night.

3 thundercloudsSilky phacelia and jacob’s ladder are blooming well.

1 jacobs ladder and phaceliaAnd chipmunks are trashing the dandelion flowers.

2 chipmunkThrough the bugs and the thunder, we then completed a really impressive project.  First the volunteers cut down some trees.

5 falling

6 falling 2Then they rough-peeled them.

7 peeling 1

8 peeling 2They hauled them to the building site.

9 hauling logsAnd here is the first log installed.

10 first logIt is hard to find long enough trees in this country, so some had to be joined.  (The gloves are bug protection.)

11 notchingThe final trimming…..

12 trimming ends

And here it is: the foundation for the yurt and surrounding deck!

13 foundation!Considering none had used a chainsaw before and few had done any kind of construction, they did extremely well.  As a reward they took themselves up Nogwon.

nogwonAnd this is the summit photo Izaro took!

top of nogwon



3 thoughts on “More Volunteer Work.”

  1. They did an amazing job! I can only suppose that they very much understood the significance of the time and place of this experience in order to work so well together. The last photo of the 3 of them with Harry seems to say it all.

    As for certification (mentioned above), I would think that your teaching would suffice as their schooling. One has to start somewhere.
    Barbara recently posted…The End of MayMy Profile

  2. Gosh, those wooffers are really hard workers aren’t they! Makes up for the last lot that you had anyway. You said it was the first time any of them had used a chainsaw. I’m wondering about the safety of this, over here you are supposed (or I should say, advised) to go through some sort of chainsaw certification course before leaping in, health and safety and all of that. Do they have to sign some sort of disclaimer before working for you?

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