New Neighbours.

1 ryan and jadeMeet my new neighbours, Ryan and Jade (with daughter, Wren.)  They have bought the river property that I was selling.  They came for only a short visit this time so there was not a lot of opportunity to take pictures.  Here is one of Jade when they came to look at the place in March.  She is holding Wren and Herb.

2 jade and kidsI have to say I think I am very lucky, just as I was with the sale of Nuk Tessli.  In both cases I have sold to people whom I really like and can have a good connection with.  At Nuk Tessli I can go back up there and guide and enjoy the place without all the hassles – and even get paid for it!  (I will be guiding this year from 16th – 25th July.  Check out the website:

Jade and Ryan have similar ideas to me as to how life should be lived.  Ryan is a handy carpenter and mechanic, but his main interest is growing things: he is very interested in medicinal plants.  Jade designs and manages websites, and has other computer skills, but she is also a fantastic fine furniture maker.  See her website:  My father was a fine furniture maker, and my brother took over the family business.  It will be nice to have that kind of operation going on close to me again. Jade and Ryan plan to move in here full time in July.

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