Tatla Lake Gymkhana

9 RickiLast weekend was the Tatla Lake Gymkhana.  I went on the Saturday.  It didn’t quite rain, but the coolness was good for the horses.

It is held at the same place where the cross country ski trails operate in the winter.

1 x ski areaOne must make sure that the cowboys are all properly dressed.

2 dressing the cowboysHeading for the parade.  (How short some of those stirrups are!)

3 heading for the paradeAnd the parade itself.

4 paradeA butterfly in a hard hat…

7 parade 4


6 parade 3


5 parade 2Next was the barrel racing.  For the younger kids, a parent held onto the horse.  The parents got a good work-out!

8 barrel racing 1

Some of the older kids made  dramatic turns.  (He started off with a cowboy hat but they never stay on very long…)

10 barrel racing unknownThe critics.

fence sittersThe egg and spoon race.

egg and spoon raceMore barrel racing.  There were a lot of contestants.

11 RonjaThe dust had to be raked flat between riders.

8 old friends

Here they go again.

13 Ronja 2I got a lot of pictures like this.

12 tailGoing for lunch.

14 going for lunch


4 thoughts on “Tatla Lake Gymkhana”

  1. The kids are so cute. Looks like it was a fun time for them. What a great way for a child to grow up.

  2. Love to see those kids having fun horseback. It’s so good for them! Thanks for posting……

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