And The River Still Sings, and Lonesome

second River Still Sings FRONT medLonesome_cvr_cat

Here are the covers of the two new books.

During the last couple of months, while I have been working with the volunteers, struggling with my income tax, entertaining visitors, running around to Williams Lake and Bella Coola,I have also spent a lot of time with the manuscripts and editors, particularly of the new book.

second River Still Sings FRONT medAnd the River Still Sings, book # 11,  is a review of all my wilderness adventures, starting with my childhood in England (where I would sneak out before sunrise to hear the nightingales sing, much to the horror of my mother who felt lack of sleep meant I would not be awake enough for school – and she was right!) and going through my decade of pack-packing and working around the world.  I was always a loner and gravitated to wild country wherever I went: I travelled to 36 different countries and, including Canada, have lived in six.

I arrived in Canada in 1979 as a cow milker, but after 2 years in the east Okanagan, I high-tailed it to the Chilcotin where I have lived these last 33 years.  I have built 6 dwellings in all, the first at Lonesome Lake not far from Bella Coola, about which period of my life I wrote Cabin at Singing River. Then I moved to Nuk Tessli, and finally Ginty Creek.

I’m not going to tell you the end of the book, you will have to read it yourself!

Lonesome_cvr_catLonesome: Memoirs of a Wilderness Dog is 10 years old and the publisher decided that, as it was such a popular book, they should issue a special anniversary edition.  (And this after it was rejected by the first three publishers I sent it to!)  Lonesome wrote this book.  She was with me at the beginning of my wilderness career at Lonesome Lake then moved with me to Nuk Tessli.  She was never a wilderness-lover and always found my choice of lifestyle bewildering as well as uncomfortable and frightening.  She was a very smart little dog and very loyal.  She tells her story with a dry sense of humour.

2013 Slide Show Tour

Here is a rough outline of the 2013 slide show tour.  I have gaps in the Okanagan so if anyone has ideas as to how to fill them, please let me know.  I will be fleshing out this itinerary with more details later.

October 2nd.  Burnaby McGill Library (Greater Vancouver), slide show

October 6th.  Squamish Library, slide show

October 9th, Union Bay Art Studio (Near Courtenay, Vancouver Island) Meet and Greet

October 10th  Nanaimo Library, slide show

October 11th Gabriola Island library, slide show

October 14th, New West library (Greater Vancouver), slide show

October 15th, Ocean Park Library (Surrey), slide show

October 16th, Kamloops Naturalists, slide show

October 18th Summerland Naturalists, slide show

October 22nd, Vernon museum and naturalists, slide show

October 28th, 100 Mile library, slide show

October 30th, Prince George Naturalists, slide show

October 31 – Nov 2nd, Studio Fair, Prince George, big craft fair.

5 thoughts on “And The River Still Sings, and Lonesome”

  1. Hello Chris: Just read Lonesome for the second time, it is my favorite book. I laugh, I smile and get tears at the end. Just came back from taking the trip along Hwy 20 to Bella Coola. Finally able to put into perspective the places you wrote about. I see you will be in my area, South Surrey, in Oct and hope to take in your slide show. I would like to get a copy of your book Ginty’s Ghost. Do you bring copies when you do a show? Met your brother a few years ago when he was a passenger on our flight.

  2. Wow, things are ‘cookin’ right along, Chris’!! I’m still yearning to get up there. I see Wells Gray has a tour in July but, unfortunately, dates won’t work for me this year as I’m organizing a Celebration of Life for my Mom who passed away in February. Sort of disappointed but am thinking travelling on my own would give me more freedom. How are you doing? Arthritis staying away I hope! Cheers for now. Marge – Vernon, BC

  3. As always, I am so impressed with your many talents, your courage, and all of your adventures!
    When will your new book be out Chris?
    Lonesome was the first of your books that I read and loved. He never did seem resigned to the life style he was forced to live. In those days you really were “roughing” it big time. That you survived is amazing to me!
    I look forward to your new book.
    How’s Ruby these days?

  4. Love the title of your new book!!!! Can’t wait to get it.
    We entertained some birders up here today. Two of the gals knew of your books. The others are going to buy them. I sing your praises whenever I can! Sure love the photos of your dog, Harry. He is the cutest dog.
    Glad summer has arrived but like you, we are worried about how dry it is. Our pond is almost dry. Scary.

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