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6 bushI am still amazed at the green.  The weather has mostly been cool and dull with a few showers: one day we had a noisy thunderstorm and several short deluges – the first real rain of the year.

1 rainThe coolness prolonged the fresh green colour, which can disappear in a week.

1a fence


2 barn


3 mountiansThe thunder showers put a fresh coat of white on the high mountains.

4 river from cabinThe river is likely as full as it is going to get this spring, but is still very low compared with most years.

5 riverStar-flowered solomon seal.

7 star-flowered solo0mon sealThe pond.

8 pondAt last the weather broke and we had a few days of gorgeous weather.

9 sunrise


10 gorgeousI had to make a trip down the Hill to Bella Coola to get a brace fitted for my replaced knee.  It was a splendid day.  A few clouds made for rich shadows and colours.

11 down the HillMount Stupendous, seen from my friends’ yard, was spectacular.

12 StupendousThe forest floor flowers were lovely but I had time only for a few quick snaps.

13 Stuie cabinLady-slipper orchids.

14 ladyslippersClose to home, the weather began to deteriorate again.

15 Hwy 20I want the rain now, though. My garden is seeded and the soil is still bone dry. I don’t have enough water in the well to spare for much of the garden.


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3 thoughts on “More Green”

  1. Will be making more returns to Bella Coola to record more very high resolution Gigapan panoramas, particularly the immense cedar forests, such as those I captured in the Ancient Forest northwest of Mcbride, B C.
    Just type mcbride or cedar in the Gigapan search box to bring up some of the images. 🙂

  2. Perfect photos Chris. Simply love looking at familiar scenes. Did see several friends while in Wms. Lk., as they traveled thru’. Twas a tiring trip but so good in all ways. Hope new leg brace is good for you.

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