2014 Cattle Drive Party

1 Mantas and porchBefore they left, Mantas and Lina completed one more job.  Putting a deck onto the new cabin.

2 Lina and porchI still have to build steps and clean up the interior, but otherwise it is ready for use.  It is quite a funky-looking building – it seems as though it should have big purple flowers painted all over it.  But it will be useful.

3 new cabinMantas and Lina had been “leant” to me by other volunteer hosts, Fred and Monika down in the Precipice valley.  Since my friends and neighbours of nearly 30 years moved out of there last fall, I would stay with them, too.  When we arrived, I was amazed to find the place bulging with volunteers from Canada, Germany, and Switzerland.  Lina and Mantas (from Lithuania) added to the international flavour.  (Monika is on the right.)

4 all those wwoofers!Monika and Fred are building as well, but they also have an extensive garden.

5 F and M's gardenThey are lower down so have a better growing climate than I do: they also have a fantastic greenhouse.

6  greenhouseInside, the food is grown in pots on rock terraces that help retain and radiate heat.

7 greenhouse interiorI was the only one not working!  I took a walk along the Hotnarko River.

8 walk by riverHooker’s Fairy Bells were out.

9 hooker's fairy bellsAnd one, lone calypso orchid.

10 calypso orchidOn the Saturday morning we met at Lee’s ranch.  He delegates people to stand at strategic points along the trail to keep the cows on course; because there were so many foreign rookies, most of them walked to their spots.

11 lee delegatingMeanwhile, I went down to the corral where the cows were being pushed together.

12 rounding up cowsThey look skinny because they are milking.  They will l0ve to get up onto the range and gorge on new feed.

These kids have been doing the roundup since they were in the cradle.

13. kidsHenry is one of the regular riders.

12a henryThe gate is opened, and they are off!

14.  They're offThree hours later, the cowboys were all back at the ranch again, both they and their horses looking very relaxed.

15 home againThe walkers were scattered around like the dead!

16. Dead volunteersThe day drew to a close.

1 Barn at PrecipiceFor several hours, Lee had nurtured a fire to produce a bed of coals, so he could feed all of us the traditional cattle-drive steaks.

17. Lee cooking steaksAfter dinner, the fire was boosted,

18 boosting fireAnd music was provided by Lee (on base guitar) and Clint.

19 musicIt was dark when the party ended.  I would leave early the next morning.  Lina and Mantas will stay down there with the mob.

20 Lina and Mantas

3 thoughts on “2014 Cattle Drive Party”

  1. I luved these pictures! Inspired me to order another book, so I can
    live such a life vacarioulsy. I want to get “Lonesome” but will wait for the new issue.
    I am curious about the volunteers…what kind of program got them here?
    They did a great job on the little cabin. I really like it.
    And that campfire – you never forget a campfire. For me, anyway, I can recall every campfire I’ve sat around.

  2. Wonderful posts!! Your little cabin is darling. Your company will love it. Appears you had excellent helpers from Lithuania.
    Great shots of the cattle drive. Everyone involved is building memories. Something they can talk about around campfires of the future.

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