11. ClearingI can’t believe how green it has suddenly become!

13. Cottonwood.


16. BarnSpring flowers are happening.

The curious blossoms of the Soopollalie

16c soopollalieEarly purple violets

16f violetsCut-leafed fleabanes

16a fleabanesJacob’s ladder

16 b jacobs ladderAnd the rhubarb is ready for the first meal!

16g rhubarbA species of willow is now loaded with golden flowers.

16d golden willow


16e. Golden willowWhat a pity we have to work!

The weather remains unsettled and stormy.

14. Stormy weatherOnce in a while we get a few bits of sunshine.

15. Sunset.But I every time I look outside, I am surprised by the green.

18 aspen leaves


19 aspens


17. Amazing green.


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One thought on “GREEN!”

  1. Looks very busy at Ginty Creek! But you always take time to admire the scenery and that is good. Hope the knee brace will eventually give you some relief from pain. Love your new windows!!

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