First Post of the Year – and it’s Still Thawing.

This is what our white Christmas looked like.

1 white xmasNot very!

A few gleams of sun poked hazily through sometimes, but mostly the gloom continued.

2. mostly gloom PPPerkins Peak (above) has very little snow on it.  The bigger mountains further back were rarely seen.

3 gloom MMThe weather station kept predicting -16 C temperatures, and according to their records, they were getting it.  But here it stayed above freezing, even at night, and the warm wind continued to blow.   One morning there was a frost.

4 cooler morningIt was so beautiful to see the sunshine.

5 meadowm bit of sun

5a pondBut it never lasted long.

One morning, however, was gorgeous.  It was the first time I had seen the mountains clearly for weeks.

9 1st clear morning for weeksThe yard was an icy  mess

6 ice in yardI had work plans but could not let this morning go by.  I abandoned everything and went up the south bluff.  Here is a view of the house of my neighbour across the river.

9a Neighbour's houseAnother view, looking south, from the highest point.

10 from south bluffFrom the same place looking wsw.

11 across highwayComing back I swung around the pond below my house.

7 houseOn this side of the pond are a few tiny dead spruces covered in lichen.

8 lichenThe sun was gone by noon and it continues to thaw.

12 still thawingPeople have wished me an easy winter, and it certainly has some advantages – less wood-splitting, and less cost to plough the road.  But the lack of snow, especially on a cloudy, moonless night, makes everything excessively dark.  The ice and dreariness is boring.  Someone pointed out that this area is in a rain shadow and normally fairly dry, and this is true, but this is excessive.  Since last June, which was a rainy month, we have had a total of 8″ fluffy snow falling in 3 lots – I have no idea how much rain that makes, but very little I would guess – and two small periods of rain that I am sure total less than half an inch.  This is scary.  If we do not get snow, the runoff in the spring will be pitiful.  Not only will there be water shortages, but also there will be a serious risk of fire.  If the forecast can be believed, it is supposed to get a little cooler and sunnier, which at least will be something, but snow is what we need.


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5 thoughts on “First Post of the Year – and it’s Still Thawing.”

  1. Such odd weather. We are having the same here in eastern Oregon. But something tells me it will change soon. Great photos again – – – thanks for posting.

  2. Happy New Year Chris, and I hope you get the weather you’re wanting soon. Gosh, I’ve missed you over the xmas period, but happily my daughter gave me two of your books for xmas, Diary of a Wilderness Dweller, and Nuk Tessli so those have been keeping me going. My other half gave me the requested jig saw which I’ve wanted for a while now for various bits of DIY and crafts, unfortunately I’m not allowed a chainsaw which is what I really want! Never mind, you’ve inspired me to think that anything’s possible and I shall be tackling various renovation projects over the next few years. We’re expecting more water too over the next couple of days, but not as much as the south west of England, they’re really in for it. Yes, the weather’s a bit wierd right now isn’t it?

  3. That’s crazy, it looks like spring! We’re having an extremely snowy winter up here, currently about 2′ on the ground–will happily redirect any more snow down your way.

  4. I know you like the snow and cold. Certainly, for environmental reasons it is important, as you mention and then some.
    Weather these last few years has been different everywhere. It would appear that things are shifting.
    It’s pretty cold here.
    I hope you get some snow.
    Barbara recently posted…Work SpaceMy Profile

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