Bella Coola again.

This time we went right down to the waterfront.


Mareike and Nico wanted to go out kayaking.  Janice, who owns the boats, said they were the first tourists of the year.

a1b in kayak

Away they go!

a1c Starting off

Max and I continued along the coast a couple of miles to the small waterfall that drives Bella Coola’s hydroelectricity.

a1d waterfall 1

The water makes lovely abstract patterns on the sculpted rocks.

a2 waterfall 2

From there, we could look across the inlet to the old cannery, which was the kayakers’ destination.

a3 across the water

Here is a close-up of the buildings.  We could see the kayak on the beach but it is very small, even in this magnification.

a4 cannery

Despite the cold weather, Bella Coola is far more advanced in their season.  The skunk cabbages were already out:

a5 skunk cabbage

And the salmon berry flowers.

a6 salmon berries

Back home, we had to make bread.  These volunteers are big bread eaters.  Max on the left, Mareike, and Nico.

b breadmaking


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2 thoughts on “Bella Coola again.”

  1. Nostalgia–Worked at Talheo (Can. Fishing Co.) in early 60’s. but it looked a lot better then and had a GREAT cookhouse (and people) Wharf at Bella Coola, memory of Ralph Edwards rolling a barrel of fuel down the ramp to his plane as I was coming up. Thankfully he was very agile and jumped on it to stop it .—Log Cabins my “addiction”. Built mostly by hand (no power) at Shuswap lake and still use it (with some additions) so interested in your construction techniques. Thank you.

    1. Bella Coola and log cabins are nostalgic for me. Worked at Talheo office in (Canadian Fishing Company) in early 60’s. and frequented Bella Coola to pick up mail etc. Built a log cabin by hand at Shuswap lake (did the previous comments above come through?)
      Enjoyed your book “Harry”–a Christmas present–and makes me appreciate our dog that much more. Thank you.

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