Frantic work on the house.

We had our spring in the middle of winter: now we are getting chilled, gloomy, wet snow.

The birds at the feeder had begun to scatter, but they all flocked for treats when the ground was covered.

Redwing Blackbirds

c blackbirds


d junco

A rare visit from a crow.

e crow

And a new migrant, whose song greeted me on my return from Bella Coola: A song sparrow.

f song sparrow

In the mean time, Max was sanding the beams in the house.  My bed is under the tarp on the left so you can imagine what a mess the place is in.  I knew it would have been better to sand the beams before they were in place, but at that time I had no time, nor did I have a power system to run a sander.

g Max sanding

Nico taking his turn.  (He is smiling!)

i Nico sanding

Nico and Mareike are building a deck.  I do not have boards for the top at the moment, so we are using scrap stuff lying around.  At least I should be able to sit on it while I am recuperating from the knee replacement.  In the pre-surgery material I am reading, it advises the patient to imagine themselves in a favourite place.  In my mind I will be on the deck in the early morning sun listening to the song sparrows in the wetland.  (I’ll try not to think of the mosquitos who will start soon no doubt)

h. building deck


l deck in snow

I want to plant a few alpines I collected in the mountains last summer.  Max and Nico fetched a pile of rocks.

j moving rocks

And I now have a new rock garden

k rock pile


(I will be leaving for Vancouver on Sunday.  The surgery is next Thursday, the 18th.  Please forgive me if I do not answer email for a few days.)


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6 thoughts on “Frantic work on the house.”

  1. Hoping your surgery is all you wanted it to be. I am looking to the same some time this year…. Take care have a good and positive recovery.. Take care JanIvy

  2. Chris,
    Today is Monday the 22nd. and I awoke this morning thinking of you.
    I hope your surgery went well andI hope your not in too much pain today.
    What was it they said, think of a place you would (rather) like to be.
    You will get better day by day and before you know it you’ll be back home.
    Take care Chris.

  3. Just to let you know that I’m thinking about you Chris. I hope the surgery went well and that you will be in good shape soon. It’s a beautiful spring day here in Victoria, so it’s here, spring that is. By the time you are feeling like getting back to normal the weather will be very agreeable. Take care.


  4. Chris,
    I have admired you for years. I hope your surgery goes well and you will soon but climbing your beloved mountains once again.

  5. Hi Chris: good luck with your surgery and I hope all goes well for you. Really enjoying your blog and the pictures are lovely.

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