Scrambling Into April

I have been incredibly busy!

Two weeks ago when I last wrote, the snow still lay thick on the ground.  I took ashes and scattered them onto the rhubarb patch.  The building behind is all that’s left of the Packrat Palace.

1 Ashes on rhubarb patch

Then we started to get incredible weather.  Long, hot sunny days with little wind.  The snow started to go.

3.  Snow going


4. river

I made my second shopping trip to Williams Lake.  Here is my favourite view near Tatla Lake on the way home.

2.  Back from town

A few nights later, we had a full moon.

5. Full moon 1

Here it is just about to disappear.  Like a ghost.

6  Full moon 2

When I was in town I picked up some volunteers.  I am ripping out the temporary kitchen I have lived with since I moved into the house.

7.  STarting the kitchen

So life this last week has been a nightmare of living in dust with everything piled wherever their is space: and I am cooking for 3 others beside myself.

Here is Mareike from Germany.

8. Mareike

Nico from France,

9. Nico

And Max from Germany

10. Max

And here, not quite finished, is my new kitchen.

11. Kitchen


3 thoughts on “Scrambling Into April”

  1. Chris your photography that you share on this site is so gorgeous it’s not easy to find words that come close to doing it justice. These photos are definitely no exception, as you catch the sheer beauty of your area and amazing clarity of the air so well. Your Love for your Chilcotin area really shows. It looks like you found very nice volunteers too!

    Bless you and may your knees be healed , comfortably, completely and well and as soon as possible! I look forward to hearing from you about your recovery, whether or not you chose to have the surgery. I’m sure that you’ll recover very well and you won’t ‘kneed’ (or want) to go through those knee experiences ever again! 🙂

  2. Hi Chris, I like your new kitchen ! Where are you going for surgery and when ? Just interested in case you’re coming out my way. Would love to meet you but I think I’d talk your ear off and ask too many questions. One day I’d love to interview you. So I’d love to be around you for a few days and ask questions but I think you’re the quiet type and would rather not answer too many things. Am I right ?
    Thanks for sharing your photos with us.

  3. C
    Kitchen looks great. Good for you. Is your water situation all figured out?
    Have you found someone to dog sit while your getting knee replacement? Good luck with that.

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