A Sudden Burst of Spring

The dull, gloomy weather didn’t seem to want to leave.

sunrise from Ginty Creek

But gradually the cloud cleared.

cloud clearing over the mountains


Then the sun was glorious!

where my deck will be


I’m sitting and sunbathing where my deck will be.  (The coat over the back of the chair is to block a sneaky little wind.)  I actually bared my forearms!

I went to Nimpo Lake to pick up mail and along Highway 20 saw the first pussy willows.

pussy willows on Highway 20


This is the twig time of year.  I love to bring them into the house and watch the various buds unfold long before they will do so in the wild.

The forsythia was stolen from a bush in the Bella Coola Valley last weekend.  It has opened in the house.  The advanced pussy willows were from down there, too.  The knobbly twigs at the back are cottonwood.  (The primulaceae are from my last trip to Williams Lake).

twigs in my house


This morning I snowshoed up onto the north bluff.  The warm weather was melting the recent snow and the weed stems were popping up again, leaving interesting shapes where they had been.

emerging weeds

The mountains in their new snow coats were spectacular.

Noghwhon Mountain


Above is Noghwhon.  Below is Middle Mountain set off by dead, beetle-killed pines.

Middle Mountain


Here is a panoramic view from the top.

panorama from north bluff


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2 thoughts on “A Sudden Burst of Spring”

  1. Love your pics and comments Chris. It is so easy to connect with all this tech knowledge in todays world.
    Your email to me made me realize that we share joint replacement too. My hip is now more than 3 years in and all is well with no aches.You will be fine in a short time once yours is done as your daily activity will resume.
    Keep the pics flowing as it’s very close to actually being there.

    Cheers, Brian

  2. Thank you Chris for sharing your little bit of heaven with all of us. Spring is coming – – even to the Chilcotin.
    Such beautiful mountain photos !!

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