Book Review: Arthritis Interrupted and Maximizing the Arthritis Cure.

First: Arthritis Interrupted.


A man (or team? Who knows with these guys?) calling himself Jim Healthy has a great website for people with chronic ailments like type 2 diabetes and arthritis.  His recipes on My Healing Kitchen  are to die for – and quite simple.  Halibut (or any fish, meat or tofu) marinated in green tea…..  He and a Dr Sinatra have put their names to a book called Arthritis Interrupted.  They maintain you may not need a joint replacement if you follow their food and supplement ideas.

The Arthritis Interrupted website had me inspired.  There are great free downloads on it.  I am not usually taken in by advertising hype but something struck a chord with me. Whoever wrote this site is a master advertiser.  Even now I find some of his other products desirable.  But I will not do business with these people again.

I found the site about 6 weeks ago  On Feb 5th.  I am due for a knee replacement mid April.   I did not take pain killers or supplements when I found the site.  It was 10 days before my first shopping trip of the year.

I thought the website so good, I splurged and ordered the book for $35.00

The only supplement I had was Bromelain, a pineapple extract that someone had given me but which I had not tried.  I immediately took some between meals as suggested.  Within 3 days I had a knee the size of a football and pain like I had never suffered before.  I wrote to Jim Healthy asking if others had suffered the same way, but no reply.

I waited for the book, and waited and waited.  On Feb 22nd, I receive an email from the company saying they had shipped it priority mail.  That was 2 and half weeks after I ordered it.  I checked my credit card info: sure enough, they had billed me for two items, one apparently the book and the other the priority mail – total over $74.00.  The really annoying thing was that they had the gall to charge for priority mail but waited so long to ship it.  I wrote and complained – no reply.  5 weeks after I bought the book, it arrived.  It had a cheap glossy cover, but the inside was simply a computer printout.  The content was mostly a rehash of the free downloads.  It came with a CD.  That contained only the free downloads.

There are also inconsistencies with the information.  MSM is a painkiller that should be taken with meals, otherwise it causes stomach upsets..  “Jim Healthy” (no wonder he does not use his real name) says this in one place; he also says you should not eat 3 hours before bedtime; then he says to take megadoses of MSM at bedtime.

He got most of his info from much better books, The Arthritis Cure and Maximizing the Arthritis Cure by Dr Jason Theodosakis.  (At $0.01 each used from you can’t go wrong! ) The following comment shows the difference between these comapnies.

I cannot take the arthritis miracle-cure, glucosamine as I am allergic to shellfish. Dr Theo was advertising a joint supplement containing glucosamine from other sources.  It also contained “full RDA Vit C.”  I am unfortunately sensitive to commercial Vit C or ascorbic acid (which is in many foods, even organic).  I did not understand what Full RDA meant.  I wrote to Dr Theo and he replied at once saying he was sorry but he advised me not to buy his supplement.  I sure wish I could take Vit C – I would have bought a ton of his products.

On my shopping trip I did buy supplements that “Jim Healthy” suggested and also changed to a full anti-inflammatory diet (I didn’t have to alter much as I haven’t eaten sugar or processed food for years.)  And I have to say it worked quite well although I had to give some supplements up because of stomach problems.  I am also making my own glucosamin/chondroitin supplement with cartilage-rich bones and eggshells a la Jim Healthy – fortunately I have local sources of grass fed beef and chickens that run around.  I still have knee pain,  but most of the inflammation is under control.  I guess people are supposed to follow this routine for 3 months before they see much improvement and my operation will come before that, but with luck I can keep the osteoarthritis that is also present in other joints at bay.

So was I ripped off at having to pay $74 for this info?  Actually, all together it was probably worth it.  It certainly gave me a new way of looking at dealing with arthritis, even though that information is in other places and if I’d known, I would have gone there.  The website, My Healing Kitchen, has great food ideas and I will continue to peruse it.  The big quarrel I have with Jim Healthy and co is their sloppy business practices.  I will certainly never buy anything from them again.


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  1. Riddled with arthritis I nonetheless recommend the Book ” Arthritis & Folk

    Medicine” by Dr. D. C. Jarvis M. D.

    Also of course Apple Cider Vinegar.–Neither are expensive to buy.

  2. Although I feel that eating right is the best thing to do, sometimes we need a little help. I was a runner in HS (High hurdles) and experienced a little knee pain. At my wedding 25 years ago, I getting the boat ready for the wedding and reception and when my future mother-in-law called me I pivoted on my right leg and firmly planted my left leg in the hold of the boat. My right knee bent sideways. My M-i-m watched and said I needed to go to the hospital. I didn’t and suffered for about 10 years. At that point I was getting a shifter out of a car in a junkyard and, unbenonst to me, I was standing in a fire ant mound. THe little buggers climbed up my naked legs to 6″ above my knees and all bit at the same time (something they just do). I was in agony. For 2 weeks I washed my legs down with amonia and couldn’t wear long pants ( I had an understanding boss). At that time, my knee joints felt better. Now, 20 years later, my knees feel better than they did 40 years ago. I theorize that something in the ant venom helped my knees and infact helped the cartlidge/ligaments grow back

  3. Greetings Chris! I’ve enjoyed what you share on this weblog of yours and and devoured almost every one of your posts. Thank you so much for sharing your wilderness life! As another wilderness and “nature” ‘nut,’ you inspire me to write more and get out the door more.

    Your news about your knees prompts compassion to arise in me. It surprises me and I’m wondering why you would be experiencing the symptoms you mentioned. Do you drink milk? I did notice in one of your posts you mentioned milk jugs.. According to my basic research about it, the large amount of protein in milk can be an undesirable overload for some portions of the body, Milk is designed for calves to grow big anyways and so what’s in it may not be best for adult humans, if you ask me.

    I noticed that when I drink milk I experience such pains and issues but when I stop drinking milk it disappears, –especially– if I maintain a ‘positive’ attitude and state of being. I find that it is very important to find and feel any ‘negative’ ideas, self-definitions & emotions and focus on shifting to ‘positive’ ones. Also I’m a vegetarian (been so for years) which may be a factor. I certainly don’t wish to assume that the ‘blame’ in your case necessarily has much, if anything, to do with your diet, though.

    Again, it is clear to me that the psyche is of paramount importance with many dis-eases. I have not a shadow of a doubt that we are each and all made of energy, which is Consciousness/mental-emotional energy. After everything I’ve read, listening to my inner guidance and the amazing experiences I’ve had, I am certain that Consciousness creates matter. I’m positive that the “body” is inside Consciousness – not the other way around. The implications of that are clear – beliefs, self-definitions, ideas and emotions are the actual raw “material” out of which “matter” is formed.

    This has pretty much been proved by ‘science’ via the ‘double slit’ experiments, if you ask me. In other words, many of the mystics and sages and yogis of old were right in many ways all along and ‘science’ is playing catch-up. I’m sure many of the old wise ones are grinning and chuckling as they read (and will read) of science’s “discoveries” that we are made of just energy and consciousness, matter,” time” and space and “outsideness” are illusions, ‘objects’ are idea-constructs, dreams are just as ‘real’ as so-called ‘reality’ and we are all One after all! 🙂

    Atoms have been found to be waves of energy (electromagnetic energy or Light if you prefer) which we choose to ‘materialize’ by collapsing the ‘wave function, in a sea of virtually all empty space which “it”self has been found to be composed of what is called zero-point energy – unseen Light mainly beyond the visual portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. The atoms have been found to ultimately be probability distributions – in essence – infinite probabilities which we choose to manifest by changing our focus and state of being. “Time” has been found to be an illusion by Einstein and others and imagination, ‘prayer’ thoughts and beliefs found to be of major importance in the fabric of Reality. The placebo effect is one small example, as is stress-related dis-ease.

    In my view, each of us has the power (I call this divine power or the power of Love but you may use whichever term you prefer) to change any aspect of experience, including health, by shifting our state of being, which is reflected in the energy-pattern we think of as the human body and ‘physical’ experience. I’m not sure of your own ideas on this subject so I don’t wish to deluge you with my own, however! I don’t wish to dissuade you from anything or make you believe anything. In any case experimenting with dropping milk from the diet is something I’d recommend at least as a decent start. Perhaps it could lessen any pain before, during and after your operation – if you choose to have it. It’s up to you of course and I can’t blame you for choosing to undergo it.

    I don’t wish to demonize milk, but the also-tasty alternatives such as soy, almond and coconut ‘milk’ are far preferable at least for me. I’d best wrap this up here though, as I won’t assume that I know anything you don’t know and this isn’t the place for me to write a book. Also I won’t pretend to be a spiritual-metaphysical guru, a doctor or a Mr. “Healthy,” but hopefully something I’ve mentioned here resonates with you and may be of help. Thank you again for all you share and for being you!

    Joyful wishes and blessings to you and have a wonderful day!
    Danny 🙂

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