Thawing again.

It did not take long for the temperature to warm up.  A skiff of snow fell.  Then water started to seep out over the pond again.  I don’t know where it is all coming from.  The land must be so saturated from the previous abnormally wet year.

water on the pond

One morning, we had a hoar frost.

frosty dwarf birch

The rock cress seddstalks were particularly interesting.

rock cress

Then it snowed all of four inches.  At the Coast, both near Bella Coola and Vancouver, heavy snow has fallen and closed the roads.  But I can still manage without having to hire a snow plough.  Badger never seems to mind lying in the snow.

It has been windy a lot.  Sometimes we get a bit of sun.  There has been enough to keep my solar power batteries charged.  The days are more than an hour longer, now, too.



Even though the new snow is not deep, it pays to break trail with the snowshoes again, otherwise it will be full of icy potholes.

Most of the time, though, the storms continue to hide the mountains.


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