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All the Fall We’re Going to Get

A little over a week ago, everything was still green.

1.riverThe temperature turned cold, and a sliver of the old moon hung in the east at sunrise.

2. old moonA couple of mornings later, the new moon peeped out over Finger Peak at sundown.

3a new moonThe weather turned clear and cold.

3.morning sunThere had been the tiniest dribbles of rain – a few spots here and a few spots there.  The yard was still a dustbowl, but the precipitation was enough to fill the pond.  The next day, at minus 11C, it froze.

4. frozen pondOne night we had strong northern lights.  They were not very active, but the solid green glow covered half the sky; it shone as brightly as a full moon and lasted for hours.

The red squirrels are busy getting ready for winter.

red squirrelOne morning we had a spectacular sunrise.

6. sunrise


7. sunrise finger peakIt precluded a whole day of rain!  Total precipitation perhaps half a millimetre.  It kept spitting, but there was never enough to make drops of water on the bushes.  However, it enriched the colours in the marsh.

dwarf birch


dwarf birchThe ice thawed on the pond, and the ducks loved it!

IMG_4501Harry blends in like a lion.

harryAlthough the rain was paltry, I decided it was damp enough to do some serious burning.  Both the existing road, and the new extension that I built,  were lined with ugly debris that I did not have time to deal with before.

12. debrisSome had been burned in the past, but much of that was in the spring when half of it was still frozen into the ground.  By the time it thawed, it was too late to burn.  So this last week, this is what I have been doing.  (I did not want to leave scars in the bush, so dragged everything onto the road.  Besides, it would still have been too dry to burn in the bush.)

13. burningThe weather has been a mix of sun and cloud, some days a little warmer, and some days a little cooler, but the snow has never left the mountains.

14. best fall coloursToday I went to Nimpo Lake for mail and the stretch of Highway 20 near my turnoff was at its best.

15. Highway 20But this afternoon a strong wind blew and the fire in the fall colours has faded.

16. pond


17.  Wind


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