January Rain at Ginty Creek

The last 3 days of December we had a whole inch of snow.  Strong winds blew it about the mountains, and, near sundown, Finger Peak was rimmed with fire.

blowing snow on Finger Peak

The next morning, it was thawing again and soon it turned to rain.

winter rain at Ginty Creek

It rained for about 14 hours, sometimes heavily.  There are few things more dreary than winter rain on snow.

flooded pond at Ginty Creek

One morning it cleared a little and a few gleams of sun poked through.  The rain had turned briefly to snow.

sedges and willow at Ginty Creek

I managed to capture a few frost lights in the bushes….

frost lights at Ginty Creek

….and also in the grass.

grass with frost lights, Ginty Creek

By mid morning, the sun had gone and another thaw had dissolved the frost and sugaring of snow.

Ginty Creek thawIt is quite common to get rain in January at Ginty Creek, but usually we have had more snow and much colder temperatures before-hand.  After the coldest, wettest summer on record, it looks as though we are going to have the mildest winter.  The constant gloom is very frustrating as my power is low.  It takes a long time to upload the pictures on satellite internet and I have had to wait several days before there was enough power to write this blog.  I no longer use electric lights at night, not even the 3 volt LED lights.  I read using 2 candles backed by a mirror.

The annoying thing is that a lot of the time, in the north, I can see clear sky.

northern sky at Ginty Creek

Puntzi Mountain, the weather station 100 km east hovers around -11C.  Bella Coola weather station 100 km west has solid rain with occasional snow.  We should be on the dry side of the mountains, but we seem to have hopped over the Coast Range down to the coast.


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  1. I have enjoyed your books and photos so much. I just wanted you to know you are appreciated for all you do to share the beauty and wonder of nature in your enviroment. Thank you.

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