At last, the mountains began to emerge.

fog and Finger peak

The 9th January, which was the night of the full moon, was crystal clear.  In the morning, the sunrise was as it should be.

Ginty Creek sunrise

The temperature had dropped a little and the trees were rimmed with frost.

trees rimmed with frost at Ginty Creek

But it had rained before the temperature dropped, and the land was covered with a carapace of ice.

ice at Ginty Creek

It was difficult to walk anywhere, even with creepers on.  Even the dogs could not keep their footing. They slid about all over the place.

The day stayed clear and the evening light was beautiful on the pond, which now covers twice the normal area because of the constant flooding.  The view in this picture is normally of dry land.

Ginty Creek evening light

During the first two weeks of the new solar year, the sunrise and sunset points did not change much.  But now they are definitely moving north.  It won’t be long before the sun clears
Finger Peak.  (The light glitters on the ice as if it is water.)

sunset at Ginty Creek

But behind the mountains, the next batch of cloud is forming, and the morning was mild and gloomy again.

morning red at Ginty Creek



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  1. thank you for sharing your stories and pictures. I have four of your books. I enjoy them so much. I lived at Big Creek one year in the seventies just a taste of no electric or phone and packing water. Good luck in all your future endevors.

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