Gloomy Weather at Ginty Creek

The sun quit a day or two before Christmas, and it didn’t shine again until this morning.  A phenomenon of this area is to have clear, starry nights, but before the sun climbs over the hill, the overcast rolls in.  This is hard on my power system.  The long wakeful dark hours are illuminated by tiny beams of led lights, and I must ration the computer time.  In extreme cases, I must download my email, unplug the satellite internet, which uses a lot more power than the computer, write replies, then plug in the internet again.

gloom at ginty Creek

It continues to be extremely mild, and every day fresh dirty water oozes over the ice of the ponds.

flooded ice at Ginty Creek

It has also been extremely windy.  The mountains were visible on this day, and the snow is boiling off them like smoke from a forest fire.

snow blowing at Ginty Creek

On the 23rd, when I drove to Anahim Lake to meet friends for lunch, I had to cut 4 trees off my 4 km of road.  The chain saw lives in the van, now.

windfall at Ginty Creek

Yesterday we had a powdering of snow.  Just enough to cover the glazed skating rink of the yard.  My snowshoe trails are solid ice.  Walking anywhere, especially to the outhouse, would be impossible without creepers on my boots.

lodgepole pines and aspens at Ginty Creek

Then finally, this morning, we had 3 hours of good sun.  There was enough power in my batteries so that I could upload this post.  And what a difference it made to the world!

Harry and Nogwhon

That is Mt Nogwhon behind Harry.  Even the spike goldenrod seed stalks took on new life when a finger of sunshine touched them.

spike goldenrod

On top of the north bluffs, a strong snag glowed in the morning sun.

north bluff snag at Ginty Creek.


3 thoughts on “Gloomy Weather at Ginty Creek”

  1. I haven’t caught up with your website in a while. I love the photo of Harry your dog, it is amazing what sunlight can do to an image. Is this winter milder than previous ones? Have you noticed any pattern in the winters over the last few years?

    I should wish you a Happy New Year shouldn’t I? So “Happy New Year!”. All the best with your website and keep up with the photography.

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