Solstice at Ginty Creek

It has been a ridiculously mild December.   You can see by all the rocks that are showing on the mountains that even high up there is very little snow.

early sun on un-named mountain

We have had quite a bit of sun, which is a real bonus, but some dull days, and when precipitation has fallen, it has come as rain.  Liquid water started to flow over the ice of the pond.

flooded pond at Ginty Creek

One morning, we had about a quarter of a centimetre of snow, which was a big enough event to warrant going out and taking pictures.

quarter of a centimetre of snow

That night it rained again, but the sky cleared and the temperature dropped a few degrees before morning.  All the raindrops froze onto the bushes.

ice drops on the bushes

I had fun playing with the abstracts.

abstract ice drops at Ginty Creek

I am a pagan so the important day of this season for me is the Solstice.  Earlier in the fall I cut trees from the side of the road to widen it for the snow plough (should we ever need it!)  I rescued a lodgepole pine, cut the top off, and brought it into the house.  It came with cones attached!

lodgepole pine cones

I added my homely decorations.  Because of my limited solar power system, I do not put lights on the tree.  My walls are unfinished inside so are rather bare.

solstice tree at Ginty Creek

The next morning we had another snow flurry.  It came soon after the sun hit the trees along the McClinchy River.

orange morning at Ginty Creek

It cleared again, and I went to the north bluff above the McClinchy to watch the sun go down on the longest night of the year.

above the McClinchy River

It was a fitting display to fare the old year well.

Finger Peak

It is always a thrill to know that, with this morning’s sunrise, the days are getting longer.

Ginty Creek's solstice sunrise


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  1. Just finished reading your cookbook……it’s great! (just like all your other books 🙂

    Looking forward to reading your new book about Ginty Paul when it’s available…..

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