Short days at Ginty Creek

The days are short at Ginty Creek now.  But the weather has been incredible.  Mild – often above freezing during the day and -12 to -15C at night – and endlessly sunny.  We have not had a spell like this for a year and a half.  It is still 2 weeks until the shortest day but in fact the timing will be much the same.  The sun climbs over the horizon at around 9.00am by the clock and sets around 4.00pm.  It never climbs very high, and the light stays long and low.

evening at Ginty CreekThe afternoon that I returned from the Tatla Lake winter fair was exceptionally mild.  It was already raining as I drove home, then it absolutely deluged for half the night.  The 6″ fluffy snow on the ground was converted to 3″ ice crunch.  Despite several forcasts to the contrary, we have had no precipitation since.

The low morning light picks out the hoar frost on the pines near the pond.

pond at Ginty CreekAnd on the elegant seed stalks of the rock cress.

rock cress seed stalks

A sun – enriched tree trunk is beautifully lit.

winter tree trunkBut the most spectacular times have been sunrises and sunsets.

sunrise at Ginty Creekpond at Ginty CreekBecause the sun rises so far to the south now, it picks out the cottonwoods that line the McClinchy River.

light on cottonwoodsThe sun now sets to the left of Finger Peak.

Finger peak winter sunsetAnd I can sit at my table and watch the show.

sun setting behind Finger Peakanother Finger Peak sunset

I have a lot of computer work to do, but the sun is shining gloriously out there so how can I stay inside.  I will put the snowshoes on and crunch out some more trails.

4 thoughts on “Short days at Ginty Creek”

  1. Hi Chris: Thanks for sending your latest blog resplendent with exquisite wilderness pictures. As time went by I began to realize that you wouldn’t be having your annual slide show/book tour this year. Perhaps when you gather all the historical info. on McGinty Creek we’ll see another book to add to your ever expanding wilderness library. Love the expanse of windows in your new home!! Are those sprouts I see growing on the window sill? – so convenient!!
    Stay cozy in your new home,

  2. Hi chris
    What great photos, i love to see the sun go down, the colours are fantastic,
    The weather here has been just the opposite, in fact just like uk weather, dull, damp, and chilly.
    All the best chris,

  3. Last time I wrote, I suggested you do a book of your pictures and you asked me to find a publisher. Well I’m afraid I don’t know any publishers but boy, they’re missing sales in a great coffee table book.
    I just love your pictures, the flowers, the light and the birds. I’ve learned to appreciate grasses from your pic.’s. I stop and look at things a little more, try to see what you’d see. Thank you, you live in a beautifull area with a different light than we have here. I must get up that way, I do have relatives up there but have just never done that trip.
    Have a wonderful Christmas/Winter season.
    Toni in Victoria.

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