Outstanding fall at Ginty Creek

This year’s fall at Ginty Creek has been astounding.  Sometimes it fizzles out after a few days like a damp squid.  Other times it is blown away by storms.  But this year the colours go on and on.

yellow aspens at Ginty Creek.

blue and gold at Ginty CreekMiddle Mountain

Finger Peak

Finger peak on the Chilcotin

Red aspens

And a couple of abstracts to keep one of my followers happy!

dwarf birch abstract


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I have lived for more than 30 years as a Wilderness Dweller. Most of that time was in cabins I built myself far from the nearest road, high in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada. My "retirement" home is accessible by a bush road but still far from neighbours. I live off the grid, and operate this blog by solar-powered satellite internet.
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One Response to Outstanding fall at Ginty Creek

  1. Melissa Dennison says:

    Wow! Beautiful colours in the trees! I really admire your photographs. They are a treat.

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