Katie and Dennis

Long-time naturalist friends, Katie and Dennis, dragged themselves up from the gloom and rain in the Bella Coola Valley to stay in my newly refurbished cabin.

Dennis and Katie

The morning was very foggy.

fog at Ginty CreekWe took a walk along the McClinchy River.  The fog lifted  a bit, but it hid the mountains for most of the day.

McClinchy River on the ChilcotinWe  climbed up onto the south bluffs.

At the high point we could look towards One Eye Lake, which is just visible in the far distance.McClinchy River and One Eye LakeKatie and Dennis had visited just in time because overnight the trees began to look threadbare and the colours had started to fade.  We did a circular hike and came back through the dwarf birches in the wetlands.  Although the colours are fading, they are still beautiful.



One thought on “Katie and Dennis”

  1. The foggy picture is very atmospheric, and a bit eerie. It is interesting what a picture can convey or what it can stir in you, I think. The changing colour in the trees is amazing, it is like the trees have been picked up overnight by some giant being and dipped in a can of golden yellow paint. I can’t imagine colours like that!

    I do wonder what it must be like to be living in such a quiet place (well this is hard for me as I live in a city! constant noise…..).

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