New Water Supply

The snow close to the cabin is getting very dirty.  Time to find a new water supply for bathing and laundry.

Here is my house from the pond below the deck.

my house at Ginty Creek seen from the lower pond

A short distance upstream is a larger pond.  This time last year it was open, but there is not much sign of the ice going yet this year.

upper pond at Ginty CreekThe ponds are man-made – or woman-made, rather – by the previous resident of the property.  Ginty Paul had them dammed for irrigation, but that was a quarter of a century ago and none of the ditches carry water now.  The creek has breached the dam underneath and it has made its own path through the marsh.  Already spring run-off is swelling the waters and early in the morning, when the snow is frozen hard, I take a couple of milk jugs over.

temporary water supply at Ginty CreekMy pendulum tells me the water is not fit to drink, but using it for laundry and bathing saves quite a bit of hauling from the Nimpo Lake post office.

It is lovely to see and hear the gurgle of the creek after everything has been frozen for so long.

2 thoughts on “New Water Supply”

  1. I enjoy your blog and reading about your wildlerness life. I also have a blog about my life here in Bella Coola, though I haven’t posted much lately.

    I am contacting you on behalf of the Bella Coola Valley Arts Council. I heard from someone here that you do book tours, and I was wondering if you would be interested in doing one here? Perhaps an art show as well? Perhaps give a talk at a local writers group? Let me know if any of this interests you and we can chat.

    Hope to talk with you soon.

    Beth Jay

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