Late Spring

Spring is late.  The weather stays stormy and cold.

Stormy sunset over Finger Peak

But it is coming.

There are about 9 redwing blackbirds hanging about.  In other parts of the Chilcotin I have seen flocks of 150 but they don’t seem to think my place is best.  When they are calm, they are fairly drab.

redwing blackbirds at suet at Ginty CreekBut when they have a fight……

The blackbirds' shoulder-flashes are wonderful when they fight.

Yesterday I walked by the rhubarb patch.  There is still about a foot of snow on the ground but there has been a complete meltdown where I scattered the ashes.

rhubarb patch at Ginty CreekThe McClinchy river, which runs at the bottom of my property, is opening up.

The McClinchy River is starting to open up

And some of the willow species are showing lovely colour in their twigs.

coloured willow twigs

One thought on “Late Spring”

  1. Beautiful pictures! Here in Anchorage, Alaska it’s finally daylight when I get up and daylight when I go to bed. So glad for the longer days again.

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