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Now the Snow Won’t Quit!

1 snowEvery morning, the ground is white.  Some days it melts off, but not always.  Sometimes it is almost rain, but not quite.  Without the sun, day temperatures are only just above freezing.

When the ground is covered, the seed-eating birds have a hard time finding food.  There are still about 20 pine siskins around.

2 siskinsThere is also a big influx of juncos.  About ten at the moment, but they may increase to 30 or so before they disperse.

3 junco




They have very long toes!

4 junco tracks



5 junco tracksThere are now about 40 redwing blackbirds.  They arrive at the feeders in a big rush.

6 bbsThen, in a few seconds, roar away again.

7 bbs flying awayThey gobble up the food and there is much posturing and fighting.

8 bbs back againThis might be because their lady friends are starting to arrive.  (She is the stripy one.)

9 lady bbAt one point, while the camera was focussed on the suet, I was enormously surprised (because I had not seen or heard any yet) to see a flicker trying to get a nibble.  The blackbirds drove him away, however.

10 flickerAll this activity is watched with great interest by Ruby.

11 ruby